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'Red Room' Feature Film

By Deep Web Films


Held captive in an isolated house in rural Ireland, four kidnapped girls must escape their impending deaths at the hands of sadistic killers.

Influenced by horror films such as "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "The Burning", "Cannibal Holocaust", and more video nasties, "Red Room" will revive conventional horror for hardcore fans.

We are crowd-funding to feed our cast and crew and rent film equipment. We want to produce 'Red Room' at the highest standard possible and we cannot do this without your help.

The leading cast include Amy Kelly ( Red Rock ), Sohaila Lindheim, Saoirse Doyle (Nominated for Best Supporting actress at UCFF ), Ben Condron (Hunters Ball ) Eddie Jackson ( Game of Thrones ) Alan Sherlock ( Diane, Spider's Trap ) and many more ( keep an eye on the Facebook page linked below)

Deep Web Films is a production company that consists of qualified and passionate filmmakers which will reflect the end product.

Mainly being filmed in Kells, Co. Meath, Ireland. (Haunted Spooktacular Halloween Attraction). This is the perfect location for the on-screen murder and mayhem that will ensue.

Special FX:
No CGI!!! Working alongside great make-up artists, each murder scene will be created using practical effects and visual make-up only.

After production, "Red Room" will be entered into film/horror festivals worldwide. The cast and crew behind "Red Room" are hugely passionate about the project and would be delighted if you would contribute to helping us bring the script to screen!

Risks and challenges:
Pre-production for "Red Room" is already underway - locations have been secured and crew members hired. Having already completed a micro-budget feature film, we are extremely confident that "Red Room" will be a success. €6000 is the absolute minimum this project needs, every penny of your investment in this project counts!

Director Biography:
I am a Writer / Director from Dublin, Ireland. My first feature film 'Bully' was made on a minuscule budget and received best feature and best overall film at Reel Cork Film Festival and has recently been picked up for distribution in USA and Canada.

I am eager to get my next project 'Red Room' into production with a bigger ( but still very small ) budget. I have been nominated for the Rising Star award by the Underground Film Festival Ireland and have had numerous short films screened in festivals world wide. You can read more about me and my previous feature in the following links-




Casting Updates

More great cast: Rodrigo Ternevoy & JP Albuquerque. https://www.facebook.com/redroomfilm/photos_stream

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