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By Daniel Corcoran


After my first short film, Promised Land  a simple narrative tale, I decided to challenge the linear style of story-telling. Redline is a story about eight lives revolving around one theme - drugs - in particular the cocaine culture that spawned from the Celtic Tiger. I started writing the script with Ciaran De Barra and it got us thinking about some of the high profile drug related deaths that had happened in the recent past and how the public reacted to them. The further we developed the script the more we wanted to uncover the human side to this distribution chain. Who are the people behind drugs in Ireland? In truth there are no elite drug dealers. These are often just normal people, not necessarily bad people.

This film, however, is not about drugs but about the everyday people who lives revolve around this ubiquitous phenomena. The aim of our film is to illustrate the uniting factor of drug consumption on people, but at the same time it's conscious enough not to be labouring home any lessons and seeks simply to highlight the normality of the lives of the people involved. In the film the characters themselves take precedence and the drugs are only a by-product of their current situation.

So where do you come in? This is an opportunity for you to support the arts. My experience is people are very good at helping young film-makers realize their visions by either working for free or discounted rates. However there are certain costs like insurance, food and post production that require money. We aim to start filming on the 3rd to 6th November, with post-production starting on the 7th. Once completed, we will have a screening in January 2012 where the film will start what we hope is a successful festival run.

So we’ve set ourselves a target of €2,500. It is a large sum so any pledge you can make from as little as €5 will go a long way. In return for your pledge you will get a reward. We have four weeks to raise this money and the most important thing you can do for us is to spread the word. Come be a part of our film! Thanks so much!

Thank you,

Daniel Corcoran


About us:

Daniel Corcoran has worked as a freelance cameraman for over six years, since graduating from the National Film School I.A.D.T. In 2011, Daniel started Redline Productions. Promised Land, a short film on the bond of friendship, was his debut as a director. It has recived a very positive attention resulting in RTE buying the rights to screen it.

Peter Coonan attended the Anne Kavanagh Theatre School and has worked in theatre, TV and film. He was cast in the lead part of Dots in the feature film Between the Canals by writer/director Mark O’Connor. In February 2011 Peter was cast in the criticallyacclaimed RTE drama Love/Hate, where he plays a new arrival Fran.