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Reel: Irish Women

By Elaine Gallagher


A nation's history tells us much about its present. Ireland in 2016 is a problematic place for women. Although a 1st world country ever-growing in its diversity and multiculturalism, for 50% of the population it feels like we are not so much advancing as drifting. We are underpaid and under-represented in almost every field, from politics to business to media to sport. Undoubtedly the most contentious issue of all is women's reproductive rights and the apparent lack of political will to address the issue. In contrast, 100 years ago Ireland was one of the most progressive countries in the world for women, with many taking an active role in the changing cultural, social and political landscape of the day. These were not women on the fringes of a men's movement, they were an integral part of it and yet these women have been largely forgotten; their history practically erased.

Shot in the newsreel style of the day "Reel Irish Women" captures the actions of the many women who took part in the Rising and examines how and why they were subsequently removed from the narrative history chose to tell.

Elaine Gallagher is the writer, director and producer of “Reel Irish Women”. Elaine is a writer, director and stand up comedian from Kells, Co Meath. Her previous work includes the IFB funded short film “ An Rinceoir ”. She has also written for RTÉ's “The Mario Rosenstock Show”.

Malgorzata 'Gosia' Zur is the DP of "Reel: Irish Women". Gosia is a Polish filmmaker based in Dublin and owner of Alpha Aquaria Productions, known for her feature film DP debut 'Monged'. Gosia has worked on award winning productions such as Vikings and Penny Dreadful, as well as Irish TV shows (Red Rock, The Mario Rosenstock Show), feature films (including BBC feature documentary 'Being AP'), short films, music videos & commercials.

The Meath County Council has kindly supported the project with enough money to get it off the ground and Caboom Ltd. has generously allowed us to use the company to produce the project. Their contribution along with the good will and hard work of the film's cast and crew means that the film is already shot and is about to go into post-production.

However, we still need €5000 to pay for outstanding production and post-production costs. Outstanding production costs include equipment and costume hire. Post-production costs include compositing, grading and sound mixing.

Although we are very happy with the footage we've shot, a great deal of work remains to be done in order to achieve the old newsreel look that the film requires. Your support will greatly help with this process, allowing us to avail of the post-production facilities necessary to fully realise the project.

Please help support this female-driven project; written, directed, produced and shot by a female crew and centred on the women of 1916. Contribute what you can and please share our page on social media.