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Rodrigo Almonte - DISTANCIA • Debut Album

By Rodrigo Almomte


Project Background

Last year I had the privilege of getting together in the studio with some really great musicians to record my own compositions for my debut album, DISTANCIA.

DISTANCIA is the representation of my musical journey throughout the years, from my life growing up in Peru, through my adventures in Brazil all the way to my experiences in Europe and New York, more importantly here in my new homeland, Ireland. All of these experiences are expressed through the language of Jazz, improvised music and South American rhythms.

After many years crafting these songs, I feel it is time to share them with the world and hopefully evoke in all of you the sentiment and emotions that went into creating DISTANCIA.

Your Contributions

All your contributions will go directly to cover the costs of:

-Video Editing    =   €700
-Digital Design   =   € 700
-CD manufacturing + postage/distribution € 1500
-Promotion   =     €900 

Our Team

I am incredibly honoured to be working with some of the finest musicians I had the pleasure of meeting while studying my Masters Degree in Jazz Performance in the Netherlands and in New York. Each one of these, my musical brothers, contributed to the creation of this album:

-Lorenzo Vitolo on piano
-Daniel Juarez on Tenor Saxophone
-Rafael Abdalla on Double Bass
-Roberto Pistolesi on drums
-Michael Moore on Alto Saxophone and
-Rogerio Boccato on Percussion
-Udo Pannekeet on Audio Recording
-Thiago Monteiro on Audio Mixing and Mastering
-Kel Portman and John Cronin on Photography
-Bruno Timarchi on Video Filming

The Risks

Being so close to the finishing line in such a big project (with all the music fully recorded, mixed and mastered) allows me to reassure you that DISTANCIA will be in your hands later this year.

Why Crowd Funding?

The reason I have decided to crowd fund this project is because these are very uncertain and precarious times for us musicians. The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the music world is unprecedented. Getting DISTANCIA out into the world is a dream of mine that I have managed to support economically up to this final furlong, but I need your help to make it pass the finish line.

To all supporters, Thank You!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this project. Your support means the world to me and I can’t wait for everyone to enjoy listening to this music!


Rodrigo Almonte