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Ronan Gallagher Time Waits For No One

By The Ronan Gallagher Band


In 2019 with the support of many generous Fund it funders like you, I released my debut album 'Always Broke Never Broken'. With two tracks hitting the No. 1 spot on four major internet radio stations and getting airplay on our local, national and international airwaves and some memorable gigs too, it's been a hell of a ride. Now, a year on, and with your generous support I want to record my second album 'Time Waits For No One' which, due to a recent illness, is aptly titled and the spur for recording it. In these difficult times music has come to the forefront of many people's lives and is helping many of them get through the current lockdown so it seemed reasonable to try and add to that mix with a whole new album. It will be produced by Marc Geagan and will contain thirteen new songs including the title song from which the following lyric is taken.
'Life is out there waiting
Live it while you can
No point in hesitating
If you understand
This is no rehearsal
Your future's in your hands
Time waits for no one...

If successful the money will be spent on recording, mixing, mastering, design. production, duplication and release of CDs. It will also go towards paying the fees of the musicians who play on the album as well as on marketing and promotion of the album.

Having released my debut album to great success last year I have learned a lot about the process of recording and producing an album. I will be once again using some of the finest musicians in the country to bring their talent and creativity to the songs. Time Waits For No One will be recorded and produced in Stracomer Studio in Bundoran by Marc Geagan who did an excellent job on my first album.

Video: I Won't Do That from my debut album Always Broke Never Broken made possible last year by the generous support of funders like you.



With my first album 'Always Broke Never Broken' I learned that one of the key strategies needed to push an album is promotion to local, national, and international internet radio stations and Spotify playlists which we will be doing in conjunction with a high profile social media campaign.

In today's music business crowdfunding has become a necessary way for independent artists like myself to raise funds to produce our music. Being a two way street, crowdfunding helps the artist get their music out and you, the funder, get to own some great music and receive many other rewards for your pledges and support. The funding and success of my last album and this album would not be possible without your generous support.


I would like to thank you for reading about my project and I hope you have been convinced enough about its merit to pledge to fund it and join, or even rejoin me as I continue on my musical journey.

Many thanks indeed.

Ronan Gallagher