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Ross Errilly Friary - Short Documentary

By Súil Productions



Súil productions aims to promote Irish sites of historical and archaeological importance through the medium of documentary. We also want to provide a wider knowledge and perception of sites as they can be quite overwhelming when first encountered. Through documentary we hope to offer people a memorable experience not only through historical accounts of a site but through the landscape setting and overall interpretation of a site.


Súil productions consist of Donna Brady and Dave Thorpe.

Donna completed an honours degree in Cultural Resource Studies in Dundalk IT and a Masters in Landscape Archaeology in NUI Galway. Recently completed a thesis on the Anchorites of Medieval Ireland with the help of Elizabeth FitzPatrick and worked within the Burren school of Archaeology on one of the many significant monuments present within the ancient limestone landscape.

Dave completed a Honours degree in Video and Film production in Dundalk IT and a Masters in screen writing in NUI Galway. Dave has worked on and wrote numerous short films, documentaries, music videos etc. Many of which have screened at numerous film festivals around the country. Most recently his interactive film Spilt Thread won the award for interactivity at the Celtic Media Festival 2011 and his short horror film Impetuous which won Best Horror at the Naas Short Film Festival.

Súil Productions has already completed a successful documentary entitled Fore: Exploring the Landscape which was aired on An Lár TV for National Heritage week and will soon air on Cork Community Television in October. You can check out the documentary here:



Súil productions next project is Ross Errilly Friary which is an important Francisian Friary due to its amazingly well preserved structure. What we require is 1000 euro to help us create a fifteen- twenty minute documentary on the site and its surroundings. The crew is small and working for a limited amount of money and using their own equipment, it is the production, design and distribution which is the prime expense in order to get the documentary seen and promoted in local businesses around Galway.

Galway Tours based in Galway City offers day trips to Ross Errilly which shows the interest in the site but also a place of promotion and distribution.Due to this steady attention by tourists the site is missing a vital ingredient and that is methods of interpretation and a memorable souvenir which the documentary offers to all visitors of the site. With so many places such as Galway Tours willing to help stock and promote the documentary it is a project which can truly help visitors and tourists understand sites and their landscape.
We aim to finish the documentary in time for Christmas as it will make for a unique present, as well as, appeal to festive visitors to Galway.



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