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RUNNER (short film)

By Stand Mantra Productions


Mission Possible:

Production is soon to begin on an exciting short paranormal drama titled ‘Runner’

We have applied for funding with the Irish Film Board but unfortunately we were turned away. Thankfully, people are still willing to support the arts and independent filmmakers and through fundraising websites like this one, even raising the budget can be a fun and exciting process.

Our Target:

OK, with your help, we need to raise €5,000 and here’s why…

Developing a project like this takes time. Lots of it! From writing your script, to researching the logistics to rallying troops to building a fundraiser page like this. Then there’s casting, crewing up, location scouting, insurance, travel & food expenses, equipment hire etc. And finally, post-production. We must edit our film, colour-grade it, design a soundscape and hire a composer to create a musical score. Your donation will give us the freedom to spend the time necessary to bring all these elements together in a professional environment. And let’s not forget marketing. A percentage of our budget will be invested in DVD duplication, promotional materials and film festival fees. Although this is an independent production and many of us will be dedicating our time for free, the costs do ad up. With your help, even €20 can go a very long way!


Today, Kevin is disturbed by a mysterious presence which has followed him out of last night’s dream. At first, he thinks he is having hallucinations but as the morning progresses they become more surreal. During an unsettling experience at the breakfast table, a national radio broadcast sheds light on the horrific reality that burdens his mind. A young local woman has been killed in a ‘Hit and Run’ accident last night. Gardi are appealing for witnesses. The sudden realization overwhelms Kevin as he observes the damage done to his car which is hidden away in his garage.

With Kevin's sanity now hanging by a thread, he foolishly attempts to carry on with his day as if nothing happened. However, the emotional guilt swells to unbearable proportions causing his social life to spiral out of reality and into a surrealistic nightmare.

The Troops:

Written & Directed by Paddy Slattery (hey, that’s me!). So, I know this story intimately. I know exactly how I want the film to look, who I want to cast and the team I would like to work with. My last short film ‘The Moment’ won critical acclaim around the world picking up awards along the way. I am ready to build on that success with this project.

Produced by John Phillipson (Tusk Productions). John is an exciting young Producer/Director, and his work includes the award winning alternative music show ‘When Under Ether’ which ran for two successive seasons on RTE. He has also produced music videos for bands like O Emperor and James Vincent McMorrow, which have been broadcast on MTV worldwide.

Casting will begin very soon.

Thank you for your support. See you at the Premiere!



Nearly there!

Dear film investors, We are overwhelmed by the amazing response to this fundraising campaign. With little over 2 weeks to go, we can confidently say that this has been a successful venture. So, as we close in on our deadline, please join us on one final push over the finish line. If you have friends or colleagues who you think may be interested in investing in our film, please share these fundit details with them, through email or any social networking site. Let's break through the €5,000 mark together and beyond! Thank you all so much for our extraordinary contribution. We will be in touch soon regarding your rewards. Have a great weekend. From the Runner Production Team.

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