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Ruthless - The Exhibition

By Ruth Medjber


"Ruthless: A Decade of Live Music Photography is an exciting new exhibition showcasing the work of renowned Irish photographer, Ruth Medjber. Having covered some of the greatest musical performances in Ireland over the last 10 years, Medjber’s show includes incredible live shots of international stars like Arcade Fire, Metallica, LCD Soundsystem, Grace Jones, Leonard Cohen and Dua Lipa, as well as homegrown heroes like Le Galaxie, Saint Sister, Ham Sandwich, Gavin James, Kodaline and many more.

This is the first solo exhibition from Medjber, who’s shot for NME, Rolling Stone, and Hot Press. She’s toured extensively around Ireland, the UK and Europe, capturing intimate, dynamic shots of some of the world’s greatest live acts. This is a debut not to be missed, and an opportunity to pick up unique artwork from some of the best gigs Ireland has ever hosted."

The show will be in Dublin from 23rd Nov - Dec 2nd in the Fumbally Exchange. It'll be bold, vibrant and a fun place to visit.  The launch party (invite only) will be on the 22nd Nov, 5pm-10pm!

A breakdown of costs: The venue/printing/framing costs are the largest part of the budget, it was something I was hoping to get corporate sponsorship for but apparently times are tight at the top! We're looking at 10k just for straight up hosting fees! Then add in some PR, marketing, designers fees, posters, paying the DJ on the launch night etc (you know I like to pay every freelancer fairly for their work!). I'm going to foot a lot of the bill myself but hopefully the 5K I raise here will go straight to the venue for their fees (2.5K) and the rest will go towards paying the printer/framer. If I manage to get more than 5K it'll mean I get to have more photos on the walls, particulary some more unsigned Irish acts!

Thankfully I didn't get into music photography for the money as I'm fairly sure we'll make diddly squat on this, but hey, at least we'll have a sesh and see some art! Come rain, hail or shine we're doing this.

I like to think of this "crowdfunding" route as more of an opportunity for my social media mates to buy their favourite prints for a reduced price and be rewarded for their continuous and early support. They're the ones who have got me this far, so they're the ones who should get to benefit! Buy the prints in advance, save money, support the arts and come and have a session!

Over the last few years I've come to rely on my army of online peeps who send messages, retweet with love and stick an aul heart on a photo. I can't thank you enough for the ongoing support of my work.

Let's have a cocktail on the 22nd!

x Ruth



Choose your Prints!

Thank You all for the support, for digging deep and trusting me to deliver a great show. I've been working all the hours in the day (and night!) to make sure everything goes to plan!

For those who have chosen a PRINT, I have created a Google Form which allows each of you to choose your favourite photograph.

Please fill out all your details here: https://goo.gl/forms/Jv4WRw8PSfdQS3yB2

The sooner you have made your choice, the sooner I will have it ready for you. As each print is being lovingly created specifically for you, if you don't make your selection before Sunday 18th, your print won't be ready at the launch party but can be collected towards the end of the exhibition instead (Dec 2nd). I'm using an amazing, local printer in Dublin 8 who takes time, care and pride in his work. I've been running him ragged these last few weeks and really don't want him to explode before the show!

For everyone who selected a reward that included an enamel pin, unfortunately there has been some issues with the production of the pins and they won't be ready for 6 weeks. Instead I'm offering the higher value "Postcard Pack" (with a button badge) instead at no extra cost. If you prefer to stick with the Pin and don't mind waiting, there's an option to let me know in the google form. Sorry about that!

I'll be buzzing around the exhibition most days (but not all), so if you're planning a visit and would like a tour, please let me know in advance. I'm happy to host schools and clubs whenever I can!

Please let me know if I've left out any details. You can find me on all the social platforms should you need me to answer questions. Please note that for all the financial questions you'll need to contact Fundit directly. Oh and please note that I cannot include any more than the 66 bands already included. I would if I could!

facebook, instagram, twitter. Or by mail!


x Ruth



Ah guys, thanks so so so much.

I'm totally blown away by the response (I know everyone says that, but I'm being serious!). These donations are massive to me. It'll help pay off the venue fees (2.5K), and it'll go towards the printing costs (4k approx).

I'd love to be able to showcase an abundance of acts at the exhibition. Originally I had planned for 20 acts, but in my wildest dreams I'd have closer to 60 (I've been editing the selection this week and it really is possible).

Yes, I'll feature all the major headline International acts (The Cure, Pearl Jam, Metallica etc. etc.), but what I'd truly LOVE is to be able to show off our homegrown heroes too. That's what this Fundit campaign is helping with. Any additional money that is raised, I'm putting it straight back into the show. There will be more Irish acts on the walls and more sparkle to the whole exhibit.

So if you're reading this and have yet to pick up a print, please do so within the remaining time!

After the campaign finishes, I'll send all of you who ordered a print, a PDF containing every photo in the show. From that you can pick your desired print (it won't be a pot luck situation, you all get to choose!).

One more thing, lots of you have said that can't make the opening launch party date. So just a note to say that I'm hearing you and I'll try to accommodate you in another way. Maybe a preview tour or something! We'll make it work somehow, I promise! 

If you have any questions about the exhibition or the rewards please feel free to reach me on social media or my website.


Thank you x R

(oh and how cool is this design work by Andrew Duffy, Thanks Andrew!)





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