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Saint Manchan's Shrine Publication

By Kevin O'Dwyer


Saint Manchan's Shrine

A masterpiece of medieval art, Saint Manchan’s Shrine is Ireland's largest surviving 12th century reliquary. A unique example of Irish monastic metalsmithing combining Irish, late Viking/Urnes and Romanesque Christian art styles. This cross fertilization of styles and cultures makes it a unique study from both archaeological and metalsmithing perspectives.

A rich and dazzling Celtic bewilderment, a perpetual challenge to the eyes and a perpetual delight.  T.D. Kendrick (Archaeologia 86, 1936)



Saint Manchan's Shrine: Art and Devotion in Twelfth Century Ireland

The publication will feature full- and double-page image spreads, antiquarian drawings and descriptive metalsmithing close-ups. The text will be presented in a series of essay’s that will cover various topics including Saint Manchan and Lemanaghan, the art and craftsmanship of Saint Manchan’s Shrine, Lemanaghan and Clonmacnoise in the early 12th century, cross cultural influences, Hiberno/Urnes design and the Shrines relationship with the makers of The Cross of Cong.


Our Team

Archaeologist Dr. Griffin Murray and metalsmith/photographer Kevin O’Dwyer are combining their expertise to create an important full colour coffee table book that features O’Dwyer’s captivating and atmospheric photographs, Murray’s in-depth story telling of the history and folklore of Saint Manchan's Shrine and Oonagh Young's (Design HQ) inspired book design.

Our team of professionals have a track record for producing high quality publications that are well researched and beautifully illustrated.

Griffin Murray - Author
Kevin O'Dwyer - Photographer/Artistic Director
Oonagh Young - Book Designer

Your Contribution

Funds received will be used for design and printing costs. At this time we have raised 10,000 euro towards this limited edition publication. The project has been generously supported by Offaly County Council Heritage office and Creative Ireland. Our projected total budget is 19,000 euro. We are looking for your support to make this publication possible by pre-ordering the book and availing of our various funding rewards featured on this site.


Why Fund:it

Fund:it provides an opportunity to reach a broader Arts and Heritage community of support - local and international - to assist in our goal to highlight this important Irish artefact.


Personal note from Kevin O'Dwyer

During 2005/2006 I had the pleasure to direct and project manage the publication: Stories from a Sacred Landscape: Croghan Hill to Clonmacnoise. The book explored the monastic sites, history, folklore and artefacts of County Offaly. The publication highlighted a rare example of 12th century monastic metalsmithing - Saint Manchan's Shrine. The need for a more in-depth study and documentation of this masterpiece of medieval art is the goal of this publication. Please support this important full colour limited edition publication that celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship of Saint Manchan's Shrine.

Thank you for visiting our page and I hope you will be inspired to support this exciting project.


Image # 1 & 2  The 11th Figure (artist impression) Height 8cm (3 inches) Bronze



Image #3  The 11th Figure (artist impression) Cast Bronze  (15 cm/6 inches)



Image #4  The 11th Figure on plinth - Original artwork. Kevin O'Dwyer



Image #5  Fine Silver Rose Bowl 




Publication delay

Saint Manchan's Shrine - Art and Devotion in 12th Century Ireland Dear All,
I hope this finds you well .......due to the ongoing Covid restrictions our publication has been delayed. Unfortunately gaining access to relevant documents and images have slowed down the research and the design layout process. Print delays are now inevitable as well!
We are working towards launching the publication in the Spring of 2022. Thank you for your support and patience.

Saint Manchan's Shrine Publication

Just a quick follow-up to thank those who have sent thier shipping address for the 11th Figure reward. There are still a couple of contributors that I do not have an address for so please send it on. Thank you. 

If you haven't received the email requesting your address (11th Figure rewards) then you need to contact Michelle at 01 662 9238 to give her your payment details. Thank you. 

Saint Manchan's Shrine Publication

Dear All,

Thanks again for your support of this publication. Fund:it has contacted me and said thsat there are some outstanding payments due. Two in particular are a sterling silver 11th Figure pledge and a Bronze 11th Figure pledge. Fund:it does not take out your payment when you pledge only when the campaign is over. The funds would of been requested over the past week and if you don't see a withdrawl from Fund:it then you haven't paid. Please contact 01-662 9238 to make a payment.

Unfortunately - I am not allowed to receive your details to follow up on this personally. Thank you for your patience in this matter

Saint Manchan's Shrine Publication

Fund:it campaign for Saint Manchan's Shrine publication ends on Thursday. Thank you for your support.

Saint Manchan's Shrine Publication

Thank you for your support in reaching our Fund:it goal and in record time! The Fund:it site will stay open for another 16 days to give those who haven't had an opportunity to  pre-ordering thier copy. For our donors who have purchased the 11th Figure "artist impression" reward, I will be working on the pieces during the month of June and they will arrive before the book! When the Fund:it campaign is over I will be contacting you for postage details. Griffin and myself are most appreciative of your support. 

Below: Close-up of sinister border

Saint Manchan's Shrine Publication

Thank you for supporting our publication. We have reached 105% of our Fund:it ask! Your donations have secured the continutation of this project. The project will stay up on the Fund:it site for the next three weeks. The upcoming publication can be purchased at the discounted price as well as the reward categories offered until mid-June. I will now start making the 11th Figure icons and we will be in contact with those who have commissioned the pieces after the Mid-June deadline. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you at the book launch! 


Saint Manchan's Shrine Publication

Finishing off our 2nd week of the Fund:it campaign and getting close to our funding goal. With 96% we can use a little help from our friends! If you have any friends, colleagues or family members who may be interested please pass on our link. Thank you.


Saint Manchan's Shrine Publication

We have now reached 93% of our "ask" ! Thank you for your support. 

Close-up of Hiberno Urnes imagery found on the side panel of Saint Manchan's Shrine. Our full colour publication will highlight the artistry and craftmanship of the monastic metalsmiths who created Irelands most important surviving reliquary.  


Saint Manchan's Shrine Publication

We have now reached 85% of our goal! Thank you for your support. 


Saint Manchan's Shrine Publication

The process of Bronze casting has not changed over the centuries. Although our equiptment is far more sophisticated in the 21st century, the quality of the Bronze castings on Saint Manchan's Shrine are equivalent to today's results. 

I have received messages from a number of donors concerning the purchase of multiple copies of the publication. The Fund:it site does not allow for purchase of multiples at this time. We have a way around this! If you click on the publication or other rewards and go down to the "donation amount" you can put in the multiple cost e.g. 3 x 35 = 105 . Contact me at kodwyerdesign@outlook.ie and I will log it in and notify Fund:it. The will also take note of it.

Your donation will be updated when you order on the Fund:it site so there will be no overlap. I hope this makes sense! Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you.

Saint Manchan's Shrine Publication

Griffin Murray's lecture on Saint Manchan's Shrine is now available on the Offaly History YouTube channel. Please visit


Saint Manchan's Shrine Publication

Thank you to all our donor's during last nights informative and inspiring presentation by Dr. Griffin Murray. Your donations were a great boost towards our funding goal. Griffin's lecture will be avaialble on the OHAS YouTube site shortly. I will keep you updated when it is posted. Please pass on the funding information to all who might be interested in supporting this project. Thank you.

Saint Manchan's Shrine Publication

Griffin Murray will give a lecture on Saint Manchan's Shrine tomorrow evening at 7.30 pm. 

Email Offaly History now  at info@offalyhistory.com for your zoom lecture  link and mark your email as  Zoom Manchan’s Shrine

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