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SALTWATER - collection of short stories

By Lane Ashfeldt


A collection of short fiction with the sea as their link, by Irish writer Lane Ashfeldt. The stories in this collection cover coastlines from the West of Ireland to Santorini, Greece. A few of the stories in SALTWATER were published in magazines and literary journals, one winning a Fish Short Histories Prize. Another is currently on the shortlist for the 2012 HG Wells Short Story prize. The prize is for a story on the theme of The Sea.

Where can people read your SALTWATER stories?

Lane: "An extract from one of the stories is up at my project page on my website www.ashfeldt.com/saltwater
And there's an extract from another story at the Fish Publishing website (see link below).

So, how long did these stories take to write?

Lane: "I've been writing sea stories for a few years now, alongside my day job. The story for which I won the Fish Short Histories prize probably took the longest. Stories set in areas well known to me through personal and family connections such as West Cork and Greece, were easier to do. The contemporary stories I generally — but not always wrote more quickly. A large part of writing is rewriting.”

What made you choose to self-publish?

“A couple of years back a small press offered to publish a book of my stories, but ceased publishing before that happened. Since then it’s got easier to reach readers via ebook, so this seems the right way to go.
I also hope doing this will be fun, and offer a way to connect with readers, writers and maybe other creatives with shared interests.”

What will the Fundit support pay for?

"It will cover upfront costs to produce the ebook to a very high professional standard: included are fees for design, professional editing, typesetting and other costs, such as license fees for cover art. The writer's reward will come out of future ebook sales. "

How will funders know when the book is out?

"Funders will be invited to a launch event in Cork, and delivery of funder rewards will take place by launch date. The SALTWATER project is an ebook with electronic rewards. But hopefully lots of the funders will make itto the launch event so there will be a face-to-face element too."



This project is funded

Belated update Yay and happiness etc , this got funded at the end of September. Have been very busy since then with production on the book and would now like to announce some launch events in Cork in late Nov - early December Thur 28 Nov, Baltimore 7pm – Reading from SaltWater at Bushes Bar, Baltimore
. All welcome. Sat 1 Dec, Skibbereen, 4 pm – reading from SaltWater at West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, West Cork, Ireland. All welcome.  You can find out more about these events www.ashfeldt.com/events There will also be a short reading from SaltWater as part of lively spoken word event  OBhéal, on Monday 3 December. Upstairs at The Long Valley, Winthrop Street, Cork, from 9pm. Hope to have an event or two in Dublin or London next year. Thanks so much to all the funders and also to FundIt.ie for recommending SaltWater to followers

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THANKS A MILLION to new SaltWater funders: Annemarie Neary Fenella Gentleman Caroline Squire Anonymous Rachel Fenton Tania Hershman Anonymous Quarto Select Thanks again also to crucial early adopters: Clodagh O'Connor Nuala Ni Chonchuir Steve Moran Vanessa Gebbie Lee Webber Anya Palmer Pierre L'Allier Karen Brown Mike Wendling Pauline Fowler Danielle McLaughlin Anne Mullane Claudia Cruttwell Sarah Jane Moon Vivian Hassan Lambert Cally Rose Am making progress with hunt for cover images, and hope to post an update to my blog www.ashfeldt.com as soon as there's something for you to look at. Fingers crossed, x Lane


THANKS A MILLION TO NEW SALTWATER FUNDERS: Danielle McLaughlin Clodagh O'Connor Anya Palmer Pauline Fowler Lee Webber Vivian Hassan Lambert Thanks for your vote of confidence guys. With just 8 days to go am still hopeful enough new people may hear about this for the project to meet target. It closes, I'm told, on: Wed 26th Sept @ 7pm. Not great at counting backwards so no idea why 8 days showing on the website but am guessing this makes sense to people with more logical minds (or better counting skills) than self. Not masses of time left on the clock whichever way you look at it, so am conscious of need for a last minute push in coming days... Please tell any mates you feel may be interested! Thx

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THANKS A MILLION to Sarah Jane Moon Pierre L'Allier Nuala Ni Chonchuir Mike Wendling and to everyone who is helping to spread the word. Thanks especially to any of you who came back to the website more than once to push through your support when things went a bit glitchy. It's been a creaky start but I'm told the website is now back up to speed -- please pass on this link if you have friends who love short stories and may wish to support SALTWATER http://www.fundit.ie/project/saltwater---collection-of-short-stories


THANKS A MILLION to everyone who has funded SALTWATER. This shout-out goes to Anne Mullane, Cally Rose, Claudia Cruttwell, Karen Brown, Steve Moran, Vanessa Gebbie, and anonymous. The SALTWATER project went live late last week, and has reached 21 per cent of its funding goal thanks to all of you. I'll be working very hard on this in the coming weeks - the next two weekends (and weeks!) are blocked out to work on the project. Just so you know - no funds for SALTWATER will be taken by Fundit unless it achieves its goals. If it succeeds, you’ll get a notification as the debit goes through – make or break date is 25 September. All best, Lane REWARDS As a SALTWATER funder, you will be sent your copy of SALTWATER in ebook format by 1 Nov 2012, providing the project meets its goal. FORMAT: If you fund SALTWATER and do not use an ereader, you can choose a typeset pdf which you can read with ease on most electronic devices. If later on you get an ereader, just email me at laneashfeldt AT yahoo.co.uk for an upgrade. No print version of SALTWATER is planned. ABOUT SALTWATER is a new book of short fiction on the theme of the sea. Drafts of most stories are in place, final versions of a few. I'm also working with editors and doing some new writing for the book before it goes live in November. I’ll be blogging about the project at http://Lane7.wordpress.com The project has 15 days to goat Fundit.ie. To help it succeed, please pass on this link, Thanks! http://www.fundit.ie/project/saltwater---collection-of-short-stories

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