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Save Saint Mura's cross

By Colm O'Tuathalain


St Mura's cross is unique in Ireland, being an upright carved slab which is academically recognised as the precursor to the Celtic high crosses. It is also the only cross to bear a Greek inscription of The Gloria. In recent years the cross has undergone considerable erosion attributed to acid rain. If left unprotected we will have lost an icon of Ireland's earliest Christian period. However, we must stabilise the adjacent crumbling church gable which, left unattended, could destroy the cross before any conservation can take place.
Stage one of the project involves stabilising the remaining church gable. -
The ivy overgrowth shall be professionally removed in accordance with National Monuments Service requirements.

Detailed survey of stonework.
Partial demolition and rebuild.
Construction of buttresses.
Crack stitching.
Provision of tie-bar and end plates.
Provision of capping on all walls.
Raking out and re-pointing of the masonry stonework.

This will cost approximately 15,000 euro.

We are a group of concerned individuals gathered from various local community heritage and Church societies. The maintenance of the site has been regularly undertaken by Fahan Community Council for the past twelve years. Amongst our members we boast historians, archaeologists and architects. Most importantly, we have enthusiastic members of the wider community, all of whom are determined to conserve the local history and heritage of Saint Mura's monastic settlement from which the village itself grew.

These are urgent measures in the conservation of Saint Mura's ecclesiastical site. If the church gable collapses there is a high probability that it will destroy the priceless cross and other monuments in the immediate vicinity.

This project will require a considerable amount of money. Other sources of income comprise local fundraising and a startup grant from the Heritage Council of Ireland. It will, however, take considerably more than this to see the project through to completion. We hope that you can help us achieve this noble goal.

If you would like to find out more about our project or you would like to contribute to our efforts, you will get more information at www.fahanheritage.ie or at https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Landmark---Historical-Place/Fahan-Heritage-998927073628234/

We wish to thank you for taking an interest in our project. Hopefully you will be in a position to help us. All donations will be gratefully received. We hope that at some point you may visit and appreciate how your contribution has saved this iconic site for future generations.



Almost There

Thanks to all our wonderful supporters all over the world, we are in striking distance of our goal.

By the time you read this we will have only a few hours left.  Encourage all your friends and relations to take a look at us on 'fundit' and add those final few euros that will make all the difference.

Perhaps you have a special occassion coming up for a loved one or special friend.  This is an opportunity to acquire one of our unique gifts crafted in Inishowen by local artists.

We will be starting preliminary work in the near future.  We will remove the ivy from the Old Church gable, by hand.  This will entail erecting scaffolding.  We will then have a better idea of how to proceed with stabilising the walls.

Again thank you very much for your generosity and we hope you can make it on site to see our work.

Thank You

The members of Fahan Heritage Group would like to thank all those who have pledged money to us so far.  We are confident and determined that we will reach our goal.

Although the weather is quite poor at the moment we intend to proceed with a preliminary investigation of the condition of the stonework in the Old Church. This will entail erecting scaffolding and carefully removng some of the ivy cover so that we can decide what our next step will be.


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