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Save the day, Ray! Childrens Book

By Darren OConnor


On the 7th of November 2014 I became a Dad to a beautiful little boy. Bursting with a deeper love than I ever thought possible I wrote him a story that I am now hoping (with your help) to publish.

But this is not just your average children's book. This is an experience that will encourage your little one to get into the outdoors and go on their own adventures, play in the dirt and climb trees.

In the story the main character 'Ray' discovers a stick that came from a woods in Cork that has been infused and powered by fairy dust.

You will get a cape and a magic stick with the book. Then after you have read the book you can take your little one out to find their own magic stick that you will have planted somewhere in the gaden for them to find and then use the stick to call the cape (that is all locked up). There is a series of tasks they will need to do to get the key to unlock the magic cape and then just let their little imaginations do the rest.

At the moment book is written. But I still need to get it formatted, illustrated, printed, sticks and capes made and packaged up for you. I’m planning on doing an initial print run of 500 books.

This will take approx 3 months from the completion of this Fund It campaign. Once I have everything printed and made, I will package up your book, cape and stick and post it all out to you.

What will your contribution pay for? Here are the costs of this project:

Formatting of the book: €200
14 Illustrations: €500
500 x Printed copies: €1500
500 x Capes: €700
500 x Sticks: €500
Locks and Covers: €2000

If you help me make this project a reality, then it will be just the first in a series of adventures with you, me, Ray(the Main character) and your kids.



Success and Huge thank you

Hi everyone.. So this is the first chance I've had to save a personal and heartfelt thank you for helping me get to 101% funded.. Fund it locks the account out the project while they process payments and all that fun stuff. But they have opened the project up for more updates now. So what's next?? Well we've gone this far together and I want to bring you on the rest of the journey to bringing the book into the real world and out doing what it's meant to do: Inspire kids to get into the outdoors and ignite their imaginations. I've created a closed facebook group so that we can discuss the book and I can get your input when I come up against roadblocks. I also going to be looking for your input as to which scenes I should illustrate etc. I've added the people I know to the group but for those I don't know please join the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/921537821223871/ I'd also like to get everyone onto the Ask Dad email list. So if you get the chance, please head over the www.askdad.ie and on any page there is a signup form. Ok. Another update next week Darren

In the last few hours

Hi everybody so there is great news. We are just under 300 Euro short of our final target. I'm going to ask one more favour from everybody. I would like you to help me push this project over the line. I'm going to ask if you would log in to your fund it account and increase your award by one notch. If everyone does this we will be successful. Thank you all and I appreciate all of your support

5 days and 70% to go

As of 5pm today we will be down to 5 days before the end of the project. We had a big boost yesterday with nearly 10 new funders. Thank you and welcome. I've been pushing really hard to try and find a suitable corporate sponsor and get them to buy the name of the book. If I can achieve this it would push us over the threshold and make our project sucessful. It's going to be really tight but I still believe we can do it. Any support you can give at this stage would be absolutely amazing. I've also released chapter 3 in the audio series. Go check it out as the little gnome fairy has the make black light candles from yak fat and ear wax. Yuk! www.askdad.ie/audio

Update 3: A little more hand holding and new audio version of the book

Hi everybody. Quick update for you. We are officially 14 days away from completion and we are still a ways away from the goal of €5400. I’m currently running a like and share competition over on the Asd Dad facebook page. Please feel free to enter the competition too: https://www.facebook.com/AskDadPodcast/photos/a.290421121060296.42556.285178671584541/579731425462596/?type=1&theater; I have decided to take the advice of other people who have done crowdfunding campaigns and increase the incentive to purchase a multi pack of books, sticks and capes. So I will be giving away a high quality print of the artwork from the book with every purchase of the multipack (iii) I have also started to record an audio version of the book and will be releasing it chapter by chapter over time. Go check it out and subscribe you my mailing list to get updates of new releases http://www.askdad.ie/audio/ Ok to wrap up, I’m going to ask another favor of all you fantastic people who have pledged to buy a copy of the book. I’m going to ask you to think of one other person you know who would buy a copy of the book, and then ask them to buy a copy. Send them a link directly to the campaign and ask them to actually pledge. I’ve had a ton of people say’s yes I will buy.. and to date nothing, which tells me that these people need more hand holding. Which is fine. So I’m asking you all to hold someones hand and help them make the purchase. Thank you and talk soon Darren

Audio Version of 'Save the Day, Ray'

Hi Everybody, So a quick update. Its been a slow week on the funding front. It a little demoralising seeing as I have gotten tons of promises that people will but a copy, but they just don't seem to get around to it! Currently sitting at 21% Anyway we will keep pushing hard. Any support you can give would be great. One complaint was that people were not fully sure how they can fund the project. So I've created a short video on how to do it from your mobile phone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPkgqMfikjE&list=UU_AJF7a7Dix95qO3Irkx4LA As part of my promotion I am going to give away a free audio book version of the book. I'm going to broadcast the first 2 chapters for free and invite people to get the full version by joining my mailing list. Take a listen and tell me what you think. https://soundcloud.com/darren-oconnor-4/save-the-day-ray-audio-book

19% Funded

I'm truly humbled that you believe enough in my project and what I'm trying to achieve that you have get me over the €1000 Mark. Let keep the momentum going!! Here is what I've been up to: I was recently on Clare FM talking about the book Listen here: http://snip.ly/tbTF I was also interviewed by the Child Dad's Podcast Episode number 4 Listen Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/childdads/id963566280?mt=2 I'v been on the hunt for a corporation to buy the name of the book. One porridge manufacturer has expressed an interest, so fingers crossed as they would be a great fit. Also an adventure centre has expressed an interest in in buying the name of one of the main characters. This would be another great fit. Follow more progress over at www.askdad.ie/book

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