Save "The Quiet Man" Train Station

Ballyglunin Railway Station | Galway

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rewards for funding this project:

€10 +

A limited edition lapel pin specially designed for the station

€15 +

A mug with a print of The Quiet Man station on it. Can be picked up at station or posted.

€20 +

A 2018 calendar with stunning photos of the station over the seasons.

€40 +

A plant or shrub will be planted in your name at the station. The plant will have the persons name beside it and will feature on a map where the plants are placed.

€85 +

A beautifully presented image of a scene from the quiet man printed on a slate from the Train station. You can see these on our Facebook page. They can be collected from the station or posted.

€250 +

A professionally cultivated raised flower bed made with railway sleepers with a brass plate with your name on it to be erected in the station.

€500 +

The use of the iconic waiting room in the station for a half day for your private event. You could have your own private concert, an exhibition, product launch, photo shoot or a music video. Terms and conditions will apply.

€1000 +

A quiet man day out for 4 people. Retrace the journey of John Wayne down the tracks into the station. An historical tour of the station and ballyglunin area by a local historian. Have a deluxe picnic on the station platform and watch the quiet man movie afterwards in the waiting room. A gift of a slate, mug and calendar for everyone.

€2000 +

The station as a location for your wedding cermony. The charm of this station is perfect for your wedding day. The committee will have the station looking perfect for your big day. We will also provide an award winning videographer to capture the ceremony. For further details contact paschal at paschalcam@gmail.com

€3000 +

Official sponsor for the Storehouse theatre for 1 year. Branding on the outside of the building. Get to use the location for your annual event. Your company logo will appear on all brochures ,website and social media sites.

a project by:
Ballyglunin Railway Station

66 years ago this year John Ford rolled cameras in Ballyglunin train station or Castletown as it was know in the 1952 Hollywood classic 'The Quiet Man'. Fast forward to 2017 and this iconic station in county Galway lays host to hundreds of visitors from home and abroad each year to breath in a piece of irish movie history. They may not be able to do this for much longer if the roof on the station house isn't dealt with IMMEDIATELY and this is where we need your support.

The station roof has been in a bad state of disrepair for sometime but now the local community who have worked tirelessly for years to keep this piece of Irish culture alive are facing the prospect of it collapsing. Raising funds for a project like this is no easy task and over the years many improvements have been made by committed volunteers to keep the station standing.

The Ballyglunin Railway Restoration Project is a non profit organistation which was established in 2004 to restore the station back to its former splendor.

Our team is made up of a hard working group of dedicated volunteers of more than 20 people. It works on a committee basis with a new core team elected each year. The group have secured funding from other sources over the years and have ran many successful events to raise funds like a series of plays in the partially restored storehouse along with a festival over the last 2 years. We have a lot of experienced people working with us from a wide variety of backgrounds who all bring their different strengths to the table.

The restoration is expensive and ongoing and we have huge plans to develop this amazing location but our big priorty this year is to replace the roof before it collapses or else we’ll be saying goodbye to all our hard work and a slice of irish history. We have secured small amounts of funding from galway county council for a toilet facility and for a projector and screen.

Most of the budget will be spent on material and labour costs along with the expertise of a conservation architect.

The only challenge that we can foresee is weather to complete the project. The estimated time to complete the build is 6 weeks.

We would like to say a sincere thank you to everyone for supporting this worthy project.