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Scared Of Crows Short Film (Joe Mullins)

By Janette Lynch


A middle aged farmer (Joe Mullins, Pilgrim Hill) awakes in his dark scrapyard like bedroom to another day he would rather not face. He has a face given to him by alcohol and fried food. As he coughs up the fluid gathered in his lungs during the night, he seems to be a man teetering on the edge of a coffin.

Joe's son, Peter, is a young man with a sickly frame and big child like eyes. There is very little love between the two, only resentment and anger. Every day is the same, work the failing farm, feed what's left of the animals, cut some wood, fix the crumbling walls. But today is different, something will happen that has not happened to Peter since he was a small child. Tonight he will have to endure it once more. Joe has his duty and will not be deterred by the terrifying pleas of his young son.

Why We Need Your Help
We have worked really hard in preproduction to get our story, cast and crew to a place where we feel we can deliver a quality film. We have also built up a really strong social media following on Facebook and Twitter but we are now nearly ready to go into production and this is where we need you. In order to make this film really stand out on the festival circuit we need to raise money to pay for our equipment rental, insurance, cast crew, catering etc. However big or small your contribution it will go towards making this film a success. We hope we have provided some great rewards and we thank you all in advance for your kind support.
Thank You!

The Team
Director/Writer ENDA O'CONNOR - Enda is an incredibly talented vfx artist who has worked on feature films such as Gold and From The Dark, RTE drama Amber, and award winning documentaries such as Natan and Very Extremely Dangerous.

Producer JANETTE LYNCH - Janette is currently working on her first major feature film with Screenworks Production Company. This is her second time producing a short film with Enda.

Director Of Photography MIGUEL ANGEL VINAS - Miguel is a very exciting up and coming DoP. He's worked his way up from a camera intern for noted cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto on films directed by internationally lauded filmmakers Pedro Almodovar and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. He has also worked on The Secret Scripture, Penny Dreadful, Vikings, and commercials for giants such as BMW and Nike to name a few.

Lead Actor JOE MULLINS - Joe is best known for his performance in Gerard Barret's critically acclaimed Pilgrim Hill. He has also starred in Barret's follow up Glassland, with Jack Reynor and Toni Collette.

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