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Schubert's Four Seasons CD

By Sharon Carty



Jonathan and I have a gorgeous programme of Schubert songs centred around the four seasons, and we're excited to record these at Aldeburgh later this month, with recording engineer Holger Busse from GENUIN. We plan to release the CD on May 31st at a concert in Warfleth, Germany, and we'll hopefully be announcing our UK and Irish launch dates very soon. Stay tuned!

Here we are after our very first recital together, back in 2015 at the Hugh Lane Gallery, where the Irish Times reviewer had the following to say: "But what made this recital special was the way this partnership captured the inner aspects of the songs, from the ecstasy of Ganymed to the serenity of Du bist die Ruh. Adjectives seem inadequate for such focused, intelligent artistry."

We've been planning for this CD since then, so we're excited to finally get to do it! 


Here's the breakdown of what the main part of the CD recording will cost:

-Recording 4 days with sound engineer Holger Busse from Genuin, as well as editing, mastering, CD production and distribution €9,500
-Travel & Accommodation for Holger, Recording equipment, Sharon, and Jonathan €1500
-Piano tuning €500

Grand total: €11,500

There are some other costs which will be incurred, including for our photoshoot for the cover and sleeve, and the Fund it commission of 8%, but we've decided if we can get the bulk of the cost crowd-funded, that we can cover the rest ourselves.

About us: 
Sharon Carty is an Irish mezzo-soprano from Celbridge, Co.Kildare, who has recently returned to Ireland after having lived in Austria and Germany for over 10 years, she's proud to be an Artistic Partner to Irish National Opera, and a Creative Associate on the Arts Council "Creative Schools" scheme.

Born in Texas, Jonathan Ware is in regular demand as a chamber musician, song accompanist, teacher and coach. He has won numerous prizes, including the Pianist's Prize at "Das Lied" and 1st place at the Hugo Wolf competition, and has given recitals worldwide with artists such as Ludwig Mittelhammer and Golda Schulz.

About the Fund it Campaign:
We envisage no major risks to the project, all of the parameters are being carefully planned for and we have the best people, recording space, and piano hired for the project. Everyone involved is highly experienced and we are busy preparing and rehearsing together!

We are turning to our fans to help us with the cost of getting the songs recorded and released, by essentially pre-ordering a CD for 25Euro. We will be so grateful for any help above this basic "buy a CD" level and look forward to supplying any generous donors with those rewards!

We both want to thank our supporters in advance for their help, whether that be pledging financially, or just sharing the details of our campaign with anyone you think might be interested in supporting us! We can't do this without you!

Follow us on social media for regular updates!






Sharon https://www.instagram.com/sharon.carty/ Jonathan https://www.instagram.com/jonathanwware/






Hi everyone,

It's FUNDED!!!! I can't thank you all enough for getting the project over the line! Thank you so much for the support!!

I've now received the list from the lovely folk at FundIt.ie detailing who asked for what reward etc, so over the coming week I look forward to being in touch with you all to say thanks and give further details about the various rewards and when they'll be available. In particular, I'll be asking those of you who pledged for a tote bag to have a think about which colour/quote you'd like.

Wishing you all the very best and I'll be in touch very soon!
Thank you so much again!

78% funded! Details of the (goody) bags here.....

Hi everyone!
We're 78% percent funded with 10 days to go thanks to all of you!! 

Here are the tote bags, from which you can choose, as well as the sticky notes and pencil. So, in the hopes that we'll get over the 100% line, I thought I'd share these with you all so those of you who pledged for a tote can consider in advance which one you'd like, for when the time comes when I can hopefully send you all your rewards! 

All the best for now, have a lovely weekend!


Bag #1 Black

"The moment is supreme"


Bag #2 Blue

"I am composing like a god, as if it simply had to be done as it has been done."


Bag #3 Purple

"When I wished to sing of love, it turned to sorrow. And when I wished to sing of sorrow, it was transformed for me into love."





Sticky notes:

(no matter what I do I can't get this photo to turn 90 degrees, sorry!)

Recording complete and Fundit at 72%!

Hello everyone!

We've recorded it! The hard part is done for us :) (our recording engineer has a lot of work ahead of him with editing over the coming months however!)
Jonathan and I spent two days rehearsing and putting the final touches on everythinglast week, and then we spent four intensive days sat-tues circa 11am-7pm in the studio, recording! We managed to keep well on track, getting about a 1/4 of the repertoire done each day. We're so excited to hear the finished product!

In the meantime, Holger, our recording engineer, put together a short clip from our first day of our sessions. This is a short excerpt from Viola D 786 :



And the Fundit is now at 72%!! Thank you all so much for your pledges, and to whoever the really lucky person is who nabbed the original artwork, here's an update from Gordon, I think you'll agree it's going to be really beautiful!:


Otherwise, here are a few photos from our week in Aldeburgh. Thank you all SO much for your pledges!!! I'll update again soon!
Sharon x



A rainbow greeted us when we arrived to Aldeburgh :)

Smiling after two days of rehearsal:

Ready to go!









Time to record!

Hi again everyone,

Jonathan and I arrived on Wednesday evening to Aldeburgh, where we're staying while we rehearse and record at Snape Maltings a few miles away. Snape Maltings, which grew out of The Aldeburgh Festival (founded by Benjamin Britten in 1948), is now one of the world's leading centres for music, and we are hugely grateful for their support.


Here's a behind-the-scenes peek (no one else is getting a look at this list!) at what our recording plans look like :



Our wonderful recording engineer, Holger, is on his way on an overnight ferry from Germany so we look forward to seeing him tomorrow and getting started on recording in the morning! 


I'll try to send another update in the next couple of days, with a few more photos (for some reason my tablet insists on inserting photos sideways at the moment!) Thanks again so much for your support for this project!! 

All the best for now,

Sharon and Jonathan


Special update - Hugh Lane recital!

Hello everyone,

This is a special update to let you know that I'll be performing some of the CD repertoire in recital tomorrow at 12 noon at the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dubin City. 

Sadly, the singer who was due to give the recital, with pianist Dearbhla Collins, has had to withdraw, but lucky for me Dearbhla has asked me to jump in and so it's a wonderful opportunity to present some of the CD repertoire before we record at the end of next week!

Admission is free, but seating is limited and quite often this venue fills up, so arriving early is advised if you intend to come along!


Have a lovely weekend!



35% of the way there!

Hi everyone,

We're into the second week of the campaign now, tomorrow is day 10 (of 35) and we're 35% of the way there! 

I've released the second of our two videos, which we recorded in August in gorgeous St.Barrahane's Church in Castletownshend, West Cork. It's the southernmost church in Ireland which still holds regular services, and it's home to three stunning Harry Clarke stained glass windows. Highly recommend a visit if you find yourself in the area....

Anyway, the video! Here it is, "Ganymed" by our beloved Franz Schubert. It's likely this will be the first track on the CD, but we'll see :)


I hope you enjoy this, please feel free to share details of the campaign with any other potential supporters! The Fund It system works on an "All or nothing" system so if we don't reach our target we won't get any of the pledges.

Thanks so much for your support and I'll check in again soon!


17% of the way there thanks to you!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the first update for this Schubert CD Fund It campaign. Thanks to your generosity we're 17% of the way there! Thank you so so much for getting the project off to such a positive start! 

Here are a few bits and pieces of news:

Romanze from Rosamunde


This is one of the songs we'll be including on the CD. We recorded this video in Castletownshend in early August with funding from the Kildare County Council Arts Office, and with generous help from St.Barrahane's Church and Festival of Music, as well as Jeffer's Pianos in Bandon. 


I've asked Gordon Duffy, a Mullingar artist whose work I really admire, to create a specially-commissioned portrait of Franz Schubert. Here's some of his work that I own myself, a print of his beautiful imagining of The Morrigan, the Irish Goddess of Battle (Ink on watercolour paper): 


And here are pictures of the early stages of the work he's creating for our Fund It: 

The piece will be available as the framed original art work, and also as a print.

Thanks so much for your support, I look forward to keeping you all informed of our progress, and in the meantime if you could share the campaign with anyone who might be interested, I'd hugely appreciate it!

Thanks and till soon,

Sharon x


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