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score by Breach & Quinn

By Alan Howley


Breach & Quinn?
Breach & Quinn is Alan Howley and Jack Cawley. We’ve made three short performance works - 'manifesto', 'captive', and 'umbrage'. All three have been shown at Project Arts Centre. In September, as part of Tiger Dublin Fringe 2015, we will present our first full length show score.

What is score about?
score is a re-enactment of a fictional Irish film – a film noir called 'The Score'.

A shamefully neglected piece of Irish cinema, 'The Score' was panned on its initial release and Breach & Quinn, devastated by the response, never made another film.

The movie sees Quinn, a desperate man in a situation he can’t control. There’s a woman, a fat man with alarmingly high-waisted trousers and it certainly appears that there will be violence.

Over time 'The Score' became a cult hit. As a result of this resurgent interest Breach & Quinn have agreed to come out of retirement and will perform the film live onstage - complete with its "sprawling, hallucinatory and probably unplayable soundtrack".

(Unplayable? We'll see about that).

Sit back. Open your eyes. Dream.

What kind of work do Breach & Quinn make?
We love stories - we tell them in ways that are playful, slightly askew and somewhat economical with the truth.

Our work has included; a ransom price guide for kidnappers; an angry child whose mode of communication is barking, some very bad singing accompanied by some very beautifully played guitar, and an ode to a dead hamster called Arthur.

Our work takes risks. It challenges an audience both formally and thematically. It asks questions about the nature of performance. It celebrates technology but is absolutely about the magic of the live moment – we definitely make an audience feel something.

(Oh, and we do good jokes.)

Who are Alan Howley and Jack Cawley?
Alan is an actor and writer. He began acting with Dublin Youth Theatre, subsequently studying Performance at Dartington College of Arts in Devon. He has worked in professional theatre since 1989, including performances with Second Age, Ouroboros, Guna Nua, The Performance Corporation, Brokentalkers, Desperate Optimists, The Abbey Theatre, Bewleys Café Theatre, Carpet Theatre, Project Arts Centre, Yew Tree, Corcadorca and Graffiti.

Jack is a composer, musician and sound artist. He has an M.Phil in Music Technology from Trinity College, Dublin. He has worked in professional theatre since 1999 as a theatre composer and sound designer. He has composed soundtracks for Barnstorm, Carpet Theatre, the Lyric, Second Age, Town Hall Productions, Cork Opera House, ART Northern Ireland, and Decadent Theatre. Jack’s sound designs for theatre include work for WillFredd, Brokentalkers, Calipo, Guna Nua, the Performance Corporation, Living Space, Bedrock, and The Ark.

score – The Team
Conceived and created by: Alan Howley & Jack Cawley
Performed by: Alan Howley, Jack Cawley, Kevin McGee and a different mystery guest performer for each of the 6 shows
Produced by: Ailish McCarthy