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See You in Two Minutes Ma!

By Linda Allen


"See You In Two Minutes Ma!" were the last words my 15 year old son Darragh spoke to me on the eve of his suicide. My story describes the impact and life after such an event.

Despite the difficult subject matter this book reflects on the healing power of music, nature and love; the unquestioning solidarity of family, friends and anonymous strangers.

Based on my journal accounts the story begins in the immediate aftermath as told by me, a mother thrown into turmoil as overnight my world becomes unrecognisable.

An ultimately uplifting story in that it shows how survival of even the most heart-breaking tragedy can be made possible through the support of family, friends and strangers and through a loving and honest relationship. A series of incredible synchronicities and experiences bring me to look at the afterlife and how those who have left us may be closer than we think.

A trip to Thailand for 6 weeks encouraged and supported by loving family and friends as my adventure almost brings me to join Darragh.

The book explores the relationship of his local teenage friends left reeling in the wake of his choice and how music becomes a platform for them and me to meet and share our pain. The potential for the youth and their innate sensitivity what is often perhaps missed and needs to be cultivated.

With Irish society in the grip of an epidemic of suicide, particularly among teenage boys, this in my opinion is a story that needs to be told. 

I would hope this story may bring solace and understanding to those left behind when loved ones move on no matter how they leave.

I have submitted to publishing houses and received good feedback from a couple but no offer of a contract.

Fund it makes it possible to bring this book to life through the self publish route.
In appreciation and anticipation of your support.

Self publishing costing:
Copy edit € 920
Publish x 1000 copies € 4700
Distribution € 150
fees € 450