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By SERVERthefilm


SERVER is a sci-fi drama set in the near future, where androids have replaced humans as workers. Our protagonist, David, a farmer, depends on the help of Sam who is an obsolete android. When two new androids, Philip and Bradbury are sent to the farm to replace Sam, David becomes suspicious and paranoid of their intentions, leading to disastrous consequences.

We are extremely excited about the prospect of creating a uniquely Irish Sci-fi film inspired by such fan favorites as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Silent Running and Moon. The Sci-fi genre gives us the perfect scope to mix exhilarating action with an exploration of themes such as the "the fall of man', 'technological dependence' and 'isolation'.

The crew is made up of highly motivated and hard working individuals who cut their teeth on last years' short film 'Grief'. Like any other budding filmmaker knows - we had to overcome incredible obstacles before the film was wrapped. We've learned from last years' experience, our confidence is high and we are gearing to go.

That is where we need YOU! With your contribution we will be able to cover travel expenses to our rural location for our cast and crew. Food to feed our actors, and most importantly for a low budget Sci-Fi film, props. You will help us to create Androids that look the part. An Irish David 8, an Irish Roy Batty for the exterior of our androids; inside they are robotic and they sleep in pods, which all requires make up and set design. With your help we will channel our enthusiasm to create an entertaining and uniquely Irish Sci-Fi short set for release early this summer.

Food - €100
Travel Expenses - €300
Props (including set design & wardrobe) - €500
Festival Fees, distribution & promotional materials - €200

Our rewards start from a simple 'Thank You' credit to an Associate Producer credit with a range of promotional material and gifts (including a DVD) in between.


Director: Eoin O Meachair

Producer: Jamie Smith

Writer/Editor: Ciaran Cumiskey

1st Assistant Director: Michael Doran

Director of Photography: Eric Scott