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Shakefest 2012 Dance & Culture Festival

By Shakefest Cultural Dance Fest


SHAKEFEST – A CELEBRATION OF DANCE is a Cultural Dance and Arts festival associated within Charleville Castle’s many successful creative and musical persuits towards a gathering of local and community spirit. The 7th annual ShakeFest will take place once more during the last weekend of May on the grounds of Charleville Castle, Tullamore. This is a community run holistic fair day for families and multicultural dance and art enthusiasts of all ages which also includes the opportunity to camp on the castle grounds . The organisation in 2012 has grown to include the Charleville Castle Volunteers and the Shake International Dance Movement. Different types of dance and culture are easily available in larger communities and cities in Ireland, but bringing out such a variety like ‘Shakefest – A Celebration of Dance’ helps link such creativity together through the centrality of Charleville Castle, Tullamore, the heart of Ireland.

Shakefest provides an educational series of dance and cultural workshops, activities, music and performances for all ages happening during the day on Saturday, May 26th and we are also hosting an exciting new International Guest Instructor Joana Saahira, Oriental Dancer from Cairo, Egypt Sunday, May 27th with special workshops, performances and a special conference on the influence of Egyptian Culture and History on Oriental dance.

This year we are proud to present workshops such as: Dance Like Michael Jackson, Jazz, Bollywood, Flamenco-Bellydance, Natural Voice and Singing workshop, Bachata, Argentinian Tango and more with demonstrations and performances by Historical Re-enactors of the Knight's Templar combat simulations, Butterfly wing workshops for kids, drop in drum circles, Fairies, 1940's Swingin' tunes by the Bugle Babes, pipe bands, Stiltwalkers and jugglers, Punch and Judy, Magicians, children's dance recitals, Fire Dance Show, evening Hafla and more.

Shakefest is purposely orchestrated with a multicultural and international theme; in line with a new Ireland, that leads to an evening of a multicultural dance of excellence.

Operational costs become alot to deal with when putting together a Shake-a-delic programme for our public, so your help will continue to provide Shakefest with the unique and extraordinary opportunity to promote multiculturalism in Ireland and to help sustain Charleville Castle as an amazing Independent Culture Centre of the Irish Midlands.

If you are interested in having a stall, submitting art or need any more information, please contact us at info at shakefest.net

Thanks so much for taking the time to find out about our project. Your help will contribute to continuing to make Shakefest a unique and extraordinary event at Charleville Castle; Independent Culture Centre of the Irish Midlands.

from us all from the Shakefest family:

Terri, Smiley, Azaria Starfire, Sarah, Shelly, Fi, Roisin & Rasa