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Shane Hynes - Debut EP

By Shane Hynes


Hi Guys :)

My name is Shane Hynes, a singer/songwriter from Ireland. I have been playing music and writing songs all my life. Up until now I have not recorded any of my own work and have recently dacided to record my debut EP to be released in 2016. It will be a small collection of some of my best songs to date and I am very excited for you all to hear it :) The CD will be recorded by Martin Quinn @ J.A.M Studios.

As a multi instrumentalist I will be playing most of the instruments on the recordings. I will be using this crowdfunding to fund studio costs such as recording, mixing & mastering. It will also be used to design artwork for the CD.

It has always been a dream of mine to have my own CD with all my own original songs on it to share with everyone. I have invested so much time and enerygy so far to perfect my songs and the past 10 years of performing live gigs all around Ireland has helped me perfect my trade and made me the musician I am today.

My goal is to write and record the best quality music I possibly can so that people can enjoy and relate to my music all over the world. You can be a part of helping make all this happen through Fund it. I hope all of you will love the finished product and I am very excited for you all to hear it :)


For updates on everything music related check out my Facebook page www.Facebook.com/ShaneHynesMusic I am also on twitter @Shane_H_Music


Thanks again for checking out my project and for your help in funding this CD, I hope you enjoy every second of the reward you choose :)