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Shane Joyce - Studio Album

By Shane Joyce


Hello friends and thank you for checking out my Fund it page.

The reason for this Fund it is to help get me over the final hurdle of releasing my debut album.

The album will be released as a digital download and on cd and vinyl.
Browse through the rewards to the right and I hope you find something you like.

The aim is to reach my goal of €3500.

This will help pay for:
Mastering: €750
Artwork: €150
CD duplication: €1200
Vinyl Pressing: €1400
Also final mixing, delivery of goods, Fund it % etc. 

For years now I have been putting out records and touring Ireland and Europe with The Midnight Union Band.
I have also previously released a debut EP back in 2016.

But this is the big one.

Up until know I have been able to fund this album myself but now I need a little help.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read through my Fund it campaign.
I hope you find one of the rewards to your liking.

All of your support is hugely appreciated and with your help I look forward to releasing this new album out into the ether very, very soon.




Email Follow Up

Hey guys.
Just in case there is any confusion the earlier email/update post was for any new Funders.
Fund it makes it work in a strange way so that anyone who has already funded gets an email every time I post.

Sorry for any confusion and thank you all so very much for the support.
It means a lot.

*Target Reached* - but every little helps

*Target Reached*

I'm absolutely amazed and delighted to see my Fund it campaign reach it's target in less than a week.
It is such a great feeling to know that there is so many people out there who are interested in the new album and willing to support me in the process of getting it out into the ether.

*What comes next?*

The truth is that from start to finish this album is costing a lot more than the target set above (in excess of €6,000).
As this was my first Fund it campaign I was unsure how much I should ask for and I was afraid to ask for more in case it did not reach it's target (which would have resulted in me not getting any of the money at all).

I am certainly over the moon with the target being reached but seeing as there is still 5 weeks left on the campaign and the actual album cost is much greater than the target, any added support would be amazing.

Have a look throughout the many different rewards and if there is something there to your liking it would mean just as much to me now as ever to have your support.

Thanks you all so very much.
You've made an almost old man very happy indeed!

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