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Shoctopus Debut Album

By Shoctopus


We are a Dublin based rock band who have successfully released an independent six track EP, King of the Mountain, and are currently working on our debut album.

The album is being recorded in Dublin and will be mastered by Aiden Foley (U2, Sinead O'Connor). The album features 12 tracks, with two bonus instrumental pieces.

We will be releasing the album in March 2013. We have funding to record the album, and funding for the mixing and mastering. We need your help, via Fundit, to finance the production of the limited edition, and to collect pre-orders for the limited edition. The limited edition will be available to people who fund the production, and will contain the full album, 12 tracks plus two instrumental bonus tracks, as well as a DVD featuring three promo videos, three unplugged live videos, a video interview, and some bonus material, such as remixes and a photo diary. The limited edition will also come with a small comic, The Adventures of Shoctoboy.

The limited edition will be limited to the number of people who fund it through Fundit.ie, and the normal edition will not contain the extra DVD with the bonus material.

Everyone funding the limited edition through Fundit will also get a link to a download of one song which will never be released anywhere else. Ever.

Every week we will be releasing a new video tracking the progress of the recording. You can visit www.shoctopus.com to see the episodes already released.



Studio Diaries No 11

The last Studio Diaries for our Fundit campaign. This week some clips from the acoustic session, a clip from the third remix by Lunik9 and a clip of the promo video for Too Much Is Never Enough. And a preview of the album artwork and the comic. Keep the faith and keep rocking!!

Studio Diaries No 9

We announce the title of the album, give you a sneak peak at early versions of the album cover, and you get to see and hear two snippets of two of the remixes from the bonus second disk. This week we will be working on the backing vocals, booking the launch tour, the live show for the launch and tour, and doing prep for the videos and the actual recording of the album. Still lots to do, but we are getting there, one day at a time.

First remix done!

We got the first of the remixes back today. In the words of the awesome producer: "Very industrial and dubstep. Sampled the guitar and really made it glitchy. Also did alot of cool stuff with the lead vocals." So, if you are all good and drink all your beer, we will include a 30 second clip in the studio diaries next week to give you a little taster of this delicious piece of edible sonic goodness. (PS No, we don't really know what "edible sonic goodness" means either, it just sounded nice when we wrote it.)

Studio Diaries No 8

The new Studio Diary is up! And this one is all about the fans: www.shoctopus.com This week we did the photoshoot for the album cover, and the graphic designer is hard at work on the design, and in next weeks diaries we will give you a sneak peak at it, as well as announce the album title. As for the rest of the project, all the songs are now complete, and the band are working on the three unplugged tracks for the limited edition DVD. We have four remixes in production, and from the early demos we have heard of them they are sounding amazing, from dubstep through industrial to some really chunky and organic organ mixes. We have confirmed the date for the launch, and we will keep the support and launch format a surprise, but we know you are going to be blown away by what we have planned. It will be the biggest, most complicated and extravagent show ever put on by a local band. Guaranteed!!! We have two of the promo videos finished and the third is scheduled for early January. We have also confirmed that the launch show will be recorded live by Temple Lane Studios and will be filmed by an audio-visual company, so expect a live DVD sometime towards the end of next year. So, we are progressing with our plans, and as you can see, we have invested a lot of our own money into this project so far. Thanks for your support so far!! Keep the faith, and start preparing yourselves, this is going to be BIG!!

Studio Diaries #7

The new Studio Diary is up! Cha Bla waxes lyrical about the album, the band and goes on a quest to find the manager... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAotqLW07p4 A huge thanks to all the funders so far. This is going to be a great journey, glad to have you on board.

Studio Diaries #6

The new Studio Diaries is up! This week Stavis talks about stuff, and we have our first winner of a limited edition Shoctopus album. Go to www.shoctopus.com to see what Stavis has to say for himself.

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