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We are 16 Cinematography students from Ballyfermott College Of Further Education and we're about to undertake our last, and largest project to date, ‘Kill Screen’. It’s a 10-minute short that examines how violence in video games can affect different people differently. The shoot involves some high-octane live action with lots of extras and special effects. We're really hoping to get some budget, so we can produce a great Irish made short to bring to festivals home, and abroad. Any contributions will be greatly welcome and we will keep our contributors up-to-date with our progress every step of the way.

A bit more about the film
At a time when more and more time is being spent in the virtual world of violent video games, this film sets out to examine what, if any, impact they can have on different individuals. The story is crafted in such a way that it blurs the lines between reality and fantasy and makes the audience question their own relationship to digital interactivity and gaming. We follow the journey of two men through their private gaming fantasy and examine whether their gaming is impacting other relationships in their lives. The film will be shot over 5 days on 3 different locations on 16mm, and after months of preparation we are glad to announce that we have chosen all our principle cast and locations, now all we need is your help!

How your money will help
In order for this film to be a success, we want to show as realistic a portrayal of video game violence and combat. All of our special effects and props are in-camera and non-cg and will involve detonations, gunfire and over 20 trained air-soft practitioners. We will be renting equipment and costume for all these extras, which we have already sourced. We are also renting out an entire office block for the duration of the shoot (please follow links for more images) and will be using specialist camera rig to follow our main characters as seamlessly as possible. The cost of transport and catering on set is obviously a consideration, but we will be tightly managing this outgoing (no foie gras or caviar)

We know…
nobody has lots of money to spare at the moment, but we also know Irish short film has never been in a stronger position. We have great belief in this project and are working as hard as we can around the clock, to make something compelling and entirely Irish-made to bring to audiences here and abroad. Thanks for reading and thanks for your help!