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Shots from a Dark Light.

By Mick Mackey


Between October 2009 and March 2012, I was permanently based on Bird Island, South Georgia, an isolated & unique nature reserve situated south of the Antarctic Convergence. In this time, I lived and worked with some of Antarctica’s most charismatic animals including Penguins, Albatross and Seals. Shots from a Dark Light is my photographic log of a 30-month period, which follows the annual variations and processes that contribute to the survival of some of the planet’s hardiest creatures.

The low light levels available for wildlife photography was my greatest challenge and was a constant frustration, particularly during the short winter days. But with time I learned to make use of this 'Dark Light' to capture each image featured in my Bird Island catalogue.

This wide-ranging natural history exhibition includes scenes from the colorful summer breeding season through to the harsh greyness of the blizzard-strewn winter months. My photographs graphically depict the life & death nature of the island, and gives a very rare insight into the pristine qualities of one of nature’s most untouched environments.

The unique opportunity to work closely with such an absorbing and attractive group of animals over such a long period, allowed me to collate one of the most comprehensive photographic collections ever to be made in the polar environment.

I have secured The Cork Vision Centre as a venue, and with your help, it will take place on November 1st and run until December 15th 2013. Admission will be free.

The money gained through Fund it will be used to fund the venue hire, print and frame the photographs and will also contribute to costs of advertising.

Thank you for your interest and support.