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By June Fairhead


"Showman" is a photographic project and exhibition, culminating in a book about a traditional Showman called Bill Piper who owns a vintage funfair in Kinsale West Cork.

I am crowdfunding this project as I cannot afford to fund it myself. This is a photo essay that goes behind the scenes of Pipers Funfair I believe it is a part of social history that needs to be documented. Generations of families have enjoyed this fair. I want to keep the memories alive for those families, and for the town of Kinsale. It is a sweet and lovely story that will touch everyones heart.

The book will be printed on fine art paper and the images printed on Hannumuelle Rag cotton paper. The photographs have a cinematic feel,they look at life in the Showmans caravan, the people who work for him, as well as the rituals and traditions of this disappearing way of life. It tells the story behind the scenes, and gives an insight into an unusual vintage funfair that used to be common in Ireland. This is a form of visual anthropology that will bring a smile to anyone who has spent time at a funfair in their youth. Especially this one, as it has barely changed in 40 years which is its charm. Even the music brings you back in time, Perry Como, Elvis Presley, all the old tunes.

My father introduced me to cameras at a young age ... part of his business was as an agent for Leica cameras, I was smitten. Later I worked co-ordinating photographers and as a photo editor for a newspaper. Eventually later in life I took a degree in fine art. I won a prize from the O.P.W. for my photographic project "Place". My work is also in the collection of the Bank of New York as well as private collections in Ireland, Europe, the USA and New Zealand.

I am a working artist and teacher. However bringing creative projects to a bigger audience takes a lot of time, energy and funding which is where you come in. I am offering some exciting rewards for your good will and generosity so please have a good look at them. A big thank you to those who do.

Design and Printing of book €4,000 

Printing of Images 250

Launch and marketing 250


The risks involved are not meeting my target and the project not going ahead. No book or prints a huge loss of time and effort. I will try reduce this risk by using social media, and email and hope not to be too invasive. I also want to make sure those who donate get their rewards as quickly as possible which may be a challenge. But I will keep a close eye on this to make sure everyone gets their rewards as soon as physically possible.

My deepest thanks and gratitude to all of you who fund me. It is truly appreciated.