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Shrinking Woody Allen

By Barry Grant


Hi there! Barry Grant here. You might remember me from such crowdfunding projects as....eh....no...hang on...that's something else.

Take Two: Hi there! Barry Grant here. I'm the Writer and Director (and Producer and Locations Manager and General Dogsbody) of 'Shrinking Woody Allen'. I have been making music videos, video virals, documentaries and short films for several years now - but this is my first attempt at doing it with other people's money. So be gentle with me. My last short film, 'Bogged Down' screened at the Belfast and Clones Film Festivals.

The screenplay for 'Shrinking Woody Allen' won the 2011 Waterford Film Festival Short Screenplay competition (the only one of its kind in the country). This really inspired me to get this project made.

The project is very much a Waterford affair, with practically all of the cast and crew coming from the city or county. The film also pays tribute to the city of Waterford in much the same way Woody Allen's films do to Manhattan.

The part of Alan Woods - an Irish man living in Waterford, who believes that he is Woody Allen living in Manhattan - was written specifically for the incredibly talented Anthony Murphy (Charlie Casanova, Death or Canada). Tony is in the process of transforming himself from a 6'4" tall Dubliner into a 5'5" Jewish, Jazz-loving, Filmmaking New Yorker. So, let the shrinking begin!

But, before it begins in earnest, we need to seperate you from some of your hard-earned money so that the project can see the light of day. Donations begin at €10, with the highest amount being €500. As with all fundit.ie projects, your card will only be debited if we reach our target amount (€3000). All pledges will be rewarded!

We will be shooting in Waterford City on the weekend of April 20-22 (come hell or high water). Some of the funds raised will go towards production costs, with the remainder going towards the cost of getting the film seen at as many festivals as possible (digibeta transfers, application fees, etc.). All of the cast and crew are giving their time to the project for no fee.

And, finally, remember - no pledge is too small (as long as it's more than a tenner... ahem....).


Barry Grant



We've Reached Our Target - 2 Weeks Ahead of Schedule!

Hi folks! Yesterday was an incredible day for the 'Shrinking Woody Allen' Fundit campaign. We had 2 people come on board as Executive Producers (Dick Grant and Janet Ball), thereby funding 33% of our target of €3,000 between them and bringing us over the 90% mark in pledges. Then, in a flurry of activity, friends and family pushed us over the line, bringing us to a current total of €3,010. I cannot begin to thank everybody involved enough for your generosity. I know I speak for all of the cast and crew when I say that we will do our utmost to do you proud. We begin shooting on the project this Friday, 20th, and finish on Sunday 22nd. We hope to have an edit completed in time for submission to the Galway Film Fleadh (deadline May 11th). I will keep you posted here and via the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ShrinkingWoodyAllen). We will continue to take pledges for the coming 14 days. All funds are most welcome and will be used to fund the production and post-production costs of the film. Our aim is to get the film submitted to as many of the world's premier film-festivals as possible - and this is an expensive process. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Waterford City Council, who have come on board as Co-Producers of the film and are playing a huge part in facilitating its production. Also, huge thanks to WLRFM (Ian Noctor, in particular) and Waterford News & Star for supporting the project. Thank you all again, you beautiful people - and welcome to the Movie Business! B

Ten-day update

Hi Folks! We're 10 days into the Fundit project and we're already at 37% of our target. To date we have had 19 people pledging funds to the film - mostly friends and family, but even the occasional complete stranger (I've always relied on their kindness....). I have to say that I'm utterly astounded by the both the financial generosity and the generosity of spirit from so many people scattered all over the globe - from Edmonton, Canada to Berlin via Limerick, Dublin, Bray and, of course, mighty Waterford itself - the setting for our film. On the second day of the Fundit project, I was contacted by Ian Noctor from WLR (the most listened-to radio station in Waterford) who interviewed me in an effort to promote our fundraising. Ian has advised me that the interview will be repeated this Monday (April 9th) between 10 and 12 in the morning. Anybody wanting to listen in can do so via www.wlrfm.ie. I would also like to thank Conor Nolan, the Waterford City Council Arts Officer, who has brought Waterford City Council on board as a Co-Producer of the film. This gives us a huge advantage in terms of insurance cover. Conor has also very kindly given us access to some of City Council's 'FilmLab' filmmaking equipment - thereby reducing our production costs hugely while raising the production values of the film. So, thank you all again, so much, for supporting our film and for spreading the word about our fundraising efforts. I will post another update here on the Fundit page in another week or so. All the best! Barry Grant - Writer/Director/Producer Shrinking Woody Allen

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