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About SHROUD (see clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wbY1qf1Dx0)

Shroud is a tremendous drama that goes behind the scenes to explore the structures and priorities that lie behind the Catholic Church’s handling of the child sexual abuse scandal that rocked society to its foundations. Shroud looks from a unique angle to see what goes on when the Church is left to think and act uninhibited by any other presence. It is a must see for anyone who considers themselves willing to explore perspectives other than their own.


Hawtheatre are producing Shroud and taking it to The Playground Theatre, London, prior to a planned tour of Ireland in 2022. Shroud raises many unspoken questions that we feel only drama can voice. We believe this play can make a difference and we need your support to make it happen!

Our Team

The SHROUD team are all long standing theatrical professionals. This is Hawtheatre’s fifth production following The Juggler, Zeitgeist, The Early Hours and Last train from Holyhead which starred the late Mick Lally http://itmarchive.ie/web/Reviews/Current/Last-Train-from-Holyhead.aspx.html. Writer Bernard Field's work has been produced and toured all over Ireland and the UK. Michael Irwin has many outstanding credits to his name; Fintan Kelly is an up and coming future star of stage and screen and our director Jim Ivers has worked extensively in both Ireland and Canada and he directed Haw Theatre's critically acclaimed production of the Early Hours in 2011 at The Town Hall, Galway. http://itmarchive.ie/web/Reviews/Current/The-Early-Hours.aspx.html


We all feel passionately that this play needs to be seen. Ten percent of profits from the show will be donated to One in Four, a charity which supports victims and survivors of sexual abuse. We receive no outside funding whatsoever and are investing €4,500 of our own money which will be invested in preparing the play at home. To realise the project we need to raise a further €5,000 

Budget: here is what your generous donations will be spent on:

Travel €1,250

Accomm €1,200

Costume €450

Set €400

Marketing €1,000

Insurance €350

Lighting and Sound Engineer €350


Hawtheatre want to sincerely thank everyone for their generous contributions to this project.

It means the world to us. 





Shroud is coming soon

Hawtheatre’s production of Bernard Field’s play Shroud is on at The Playground Theatre, London, from Feb 21st to March 5th, prior to a 2022 Irish tour. (see links below for further details)

Shroud holds the Catholic Church to account in a way not done before for their appalling child abuse. (watch short video clip from Shroud here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wbY1qf1Dx0&ab_channel=BernardField

Shroud asks difficult questions and offers no easy answers.

It offers no answers at all.

It asks these questions through the medium of drama/action not intellectual analysis or psychological explanation.  

It asks these questions in this way because we need to be able to stare evil and depravity in the face if we are ever to understand and transform it.

If you can help us get this important play on to as wide an audience as possible by making a small donation to our fundraising campaign https://fundit.ie/project/shroud that would be very much appreciated. Please also feel free to send this communication on to those you think might be interested. Yours gratefully,

Bernard Field




Calling the Catholic Church to account.

Hawtheatre’s production of  Shroud, by Bernard Field, runs at the Playground Theatre in London from this coming Feb 21st to March 5th. Thereafter we will tour the play in Ireland. Shroud peers into the inner private world of the Catholic Church, the world of the desires, fears, illusions, values and priorities of those who make up the living Church as priests and bishops, the actual human beings who inhabit those roles. Why look in there? Because that is the source from where the church’s devastating history of child abuse ultimately flows. There is nowhere else for it to come from. If you would like to support us in putting this play on please consider making a small donation. We believe theatre plays an important role in opening out a space for conversations that have not yet been had but that are essential to have if true change is to be realised in society.  

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