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Siân Brown ... the second album

By S C


Hey everybody! Welcome to my Fund it project! Thank you in advance for coming to check out my project.

I'm Siân Brown and I'm a singer/songwriter living in Cork city centre. I've toured Ireland extensively with my own music. I released my debut album entitled 'Blue Ruin' in 2010 funding it through the Credit Union. It received a great review in Hotpress and some lovely radio play, mainly by John Creedon and Alf McCarthy of Radio 1. I just managed to finish the album with my Credit Union loan with nothing extra for promotion. I now know how important PR is when releasing an album.

I am still paying off the loan for the first album but have since written a new collection of songs I wish to release on a second album.

I intend to record the second album with the kind hearted and very talented producers of the first album 'Blue Ruin' Louise McCormick and John Crone in Manor Studio's, a lovely little studio in Cobh, Co.Cork. During the recording process of the first album I got to know and love these guys who are now great friends. We understand each other, work brilliantly together and are excited to get started on the next chapter. All demo's have been done and a schedule has been drawn up. All the proper recording/mixing will take place from May to August of this year and will also feature a host of amazingly talented Cork musicians. My mother is an artist and will do my artwork for free.

So here's where Fund it comes in. I currently do not have the funds to cover printing, packaging, duplication or promotion.To achieve this, I am going to need your help!

The terrific thing about Fund it is that it allows everyone to get involved in the projects they choose to, in return for a reward to thank them for their generosity. I'm approaching this project with the idea that these rewards would be 'pre sales' of the new album, with different rewards depending on how much you choose to donate.

Thanks to Fund it, I have a chance to get involved with the people who wish to share in the creation of my album, and this puts me in a position to give back in return for the generosity.

I would like to thank you for reading my project details and taking the time to visit this page. Any donations that can be given will be graciously accepted and tremendously appreciated, and of course, used in the most efficient and effective way. Please feel free to forward this to your friends and spread the word. Thank you so much. There's nothing I love more than the creative process of writing and performing a brand new original song :) xxx

Much Love,

Siân Brown


Here is a link to a free download of last years single 'Inbetween Dreams'
Here is one of the new songs for the second album called 'You'