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Siân Brown ... the second album

By S C


Hey everybody! Welcome to my Fund it project! Thank you in advance for coming to check out my project.

I'm Siân Brown and I'm a singer/songwriter living in Cork city centre. I've toured Ireland extensively with my own music. I released my debut album entitled 'Blue Ruin' in 2010 funding it through the Credit Union. It received a great review in Hotpress and some lovely radio play, mainly by John Creedon and Alf McCarthy of Radio 1. I just managed to finish the album with my Credit Union loan with nothing extra for promotion. I now know how important PR is when releasing an album.

I am still paying off the loan for the first album but have since written a new collection of songs I wish to release on a second album.

I intend to record the second album with the kind hearted and very talented producers of the first album 'Blue Ruin' Louise McCormick and John Crone in Manor Studio's, a lovely little studio in Cobh, Co.Cork. During the recording process of the first album I got to know and love these guys who are now great friends. We understand each other, work brilliantly together and are excited to get started on the next chapter. All demo's have been done and a schedule has been drawn up. All the proper recording/mixing will take place from May to August of this year and will also feature a host of amazingly talented Cork musicians. My mother is an artist and will do my artwork for free.

So here's where Fund it comes in. I currently do not have the funds to cover printing, packaging, duplication or promotion.To achieve this, I am going to need your help!

The terrific thing about Fund it is that it allows everyone to get involved in the projects they choose to, in return for a reward to thank them for their generosity. I'm approaching this project with the idea that these rewards would be 'pre sales' of the new album, with different rewards depending on how much you choose to donate.

Thanks to Fund it, I have a chance to get involved with the people who wish to share in the creation of my album, and this puts me in a position to give back in return for the generosity.

I would like to thank you for reading my project details and taking the time to visit this page. Any donations that can be given will be graciously accepted and tremendously appreciated, and of course, used in the most efficient and effective way. Please feel free to forward this to your friends and spread the word. Thank you so much. There's nothing I love more than the creative process of writing and performing a brand new original song :) xxx

Much Love,

Siân Brown


Here is a link to a free download of last years single 'Inbetween Dreams'
Here is one of the new songs for the second album called 'You'



The making of the second album....

Hey all, Thanks again for all the support and for all who funded my project. You can read about how it's all going with the making of the second album on my blogspot here .... http://sianbrown.blogspot.ie/ THANKS!!!! Loadsa love to you all, Siân xxx

So glad I made it!

Hey all, Well, Im so glad I reached my target thanks to everyone. Im so grateful :) I received the money raised and stuck it straight into my Credit Union until I need it for the printing/packaging/duplication and promotion of the album. I'll do all the final recordings this summer with my lovely friends and brilliant producers Louise McCormick and John Crone. I've found some one to master the album and will have a lot of the same musicians back for this CD. Some of them I made friends with while recording the first album and have become great friends as a result. There's a lot of work ahead of me but Im ready for it. I'll, more than likely, have to get a second job for a while but I don't mind doing that for my music. I did the same for my first album. I'll be blogging again regularly about where I'm at with it all here if your interested..... www.sianbrown.blogspot.com Thanks again SO MUCH for all the help and support. It's so uplifting to find that people not only want to hear a second album but they also want to fund it! It's amazing. My faith in humanity is restored to full. People are great. Love to all :) If you have funded and requested a reward you have probably received an email from me asking for mailing addresses to send rewards to. If you haven't sent me your address PLEASE do it as soon as you can so that I can get something off to you. I just sent off 5 of my first album this morning. Three within the country, one to England and one to the US. The one going to the US will be given to a local radio station there (Oregon) . It's so funny to think that people all the way over in America will hear my music. Mad! A million thank you's AGAIN to everyone, I'll do my best with the new songs and I'll keep everyone posted about the album and the making of. If you want to contact me please email..... sian-rachel@hotmail.com Otherwise......I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Siân xxx


I reached my target yesterday evening. I cant believe it! Im so happy :) Infinite thank you's to every one who supported this project whether it was funding or promoting the page. I was pretty doubtful there in the last week and even thought I may have to scrape the last bit of money together myself but I didn't have to at all. Peoples generosity has really astounded me. It's restored my faith in humanity and has planted many seeds of hope and joy. My second album seems entirely possible now and I can't wait to start putting it all together! There is still a day to go if anyone is still feeling the need to donate :) I'll let every one know when the money will be debited. Words cant really express the gratitude I feel so I'll stop waffling. I'm going to start blogging weekly about life, love and the journey towards releasing my second album here soon......... http://www.sianbrown.blogspot.com I can relax now and stop bombarding every social friend with posts about the project. It worked, I know, but towards the end there I was sick of asking for money and begging for help. Thanks so much for putting up with me :) I'll blog again but will leave it there for the moment. It's great to be alive SIÂN BROWN xxx

Final Week!!!

Hello funders and followers, hope everyones well :) So, I'm on the last stretch of my Fund it project with just 6 days to go! I want to thank everyone who funded and spread the word this far. From the bottom of my heart I send out a million thank you's. I have 6 days to raise €600. Stranger things have happened. I'll remain hopeful right up until the final minute. Quietly keeping the faith here. Of course I'll let everyone know how it goes. If you have a look at the funder names you'll notice Sian Brown up there. That's not me! It's actually my Australian counterpart. Sian Brown is another singer songwriter from the other side of the planet. Its funny because we have very similar taste in music and she has contacted me about doing a Sian Brown/Sian Brown gig when she visits London this year. I said I'd do my best to get over to do that. Would be interesting :) It was very nice of her to fund all the same. It was very nice of everyone to fund. Im a lucky woman really. I need to thank the incredibly sound Don O Mahony for writing such a nice article in the Evening Echo about me and my projects last Thursday. Ive also been plugged on RTE Radio 1 and Cork's 96fm so its not as if I haven't tried my best to promote my fund it page. Facebookers and twitterers are probably sick of seeing my link floating about and the poor people on my email list will probably be glad it's all over lol I can honestly say Ive done my best. My work at the play school is going well with the beautiful weather these last few days. Lots of running around playing chase in the garden. I complete another childcare course this Thursday evening. Ive Childcare qualifications coming out my eyeballs now. Nothing beats the hands on experience Im getting at work now though. Its gold. My guitar student has turned into a great little songwriter too! I'm so proud :) So wish me luck and send me love for the last few days of my Fund it project. I really would love to get the second album out as soon as I can. Im determined to get it out before the end of the year. Fingers crossed. Im still writing away so I'll have a good few tunes to choose from. I was born to write I guess, I do so much of it. Even when I email people it turns into an epic letter. All these words! For anyone who has funded your cards should be debited soon after Sunday which is the last day of the project just incase you need to make sure the money is in. I'll write again. Thanks so much! Loads and loads of LOVE Siân xxx

Where to begin!........

Hello funders and followers. I hope you're all well :) Well, anyone who has funded me or is following my progress will probably be wondering why my fund it total has gone from €1775 back down to €895. Last week my total started rocketing up by hundreds. An anonymous donor was donating €300 then a few days later €200 then a few hours later €300 etc. It all seemed amazing and unbelievable at the time. I even blogged thanking the anonymous donor. I was 85% funded in only a few weeks and I was thinking about how great it was that I had the money for the second album, and so quickly too! So, it turns out that the donor donating to my project was also doing the exact same thing to nearly ten other music projects on Fund it. The site runners started to get suspicious and contacted the donor. It transpired that the person responsible was donating a LOT of money that he didn't actually have. He, apparently, is not in a very good place lets say. Although his intentions were in order to HELP people he accidentally did the exact opposite. I am lucky in a way as I still have just over a month to go to raise my funds but some bands/artists were just a few days away from their deadline when all the 'imaginary' money was deducted from their total. Some were even finished thinking they had raised all their funds. I feel more for them than for me to be honest. So, I'm not going to lie, the situation really really sunk my heart but its definitely not the first time Ive gotten my hopes up only to have them smacked back down again and its DEFINITELY not the worst thing thats ever happened to me. Theres been a lot worse really. So, after getting used to the idea and putting things in perspective, I'll soldier on and start badgering people again lol I think thats why I was so happy it was nearly finished there as Im not a fan of asking everyone for money but sure. I send the dude all the love in the world and Im grateful for his help in wanting us to be successful in our projects, its just unfortunate that it backfired really. But never mind. Its the thought that counts as they say :) So now you know. And we'll move on swiftly, as swiftly as life moves on. I'll be emailing everyone again in the next few days. All is not lost. Theres still a good chunk of time left and quite a few people who have said they'll donate. Fingers crossed!!! Life is good. 'Im broke but Im happy. Im poor but Im kind...........' Ive a lot to look forward to Loads of love to all xxx http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ8D5Ihe4hg

Oh me oh my!!!

Hi there, Ive been trying to get to sleep for a few hours now with no success. My head is swimming. Its been a busy week! My Fund it project reached €1475 today and Im not even half way through yet. The baffling thing is the amount has risen enormously in the last week or so but the number of funders hasn't. I have no idea who is donating all this money but Im very VERY grateful! When I started this campaign I really wasn't sure I'd make the target in the allotted time but now I'm pretty certain I will. I am one lucky woman I tell ya. It just goes to show that if you hang in there with patience and a good heart the Universe will give you a break at some stage. Otherwise.......a new song was written which will probably make it on to the album. If you're a dog lover its especially for you. My sister Corinne is training to be an animal handler/trainer/minder/groomer etc. She is fiercely passionate about dogs and how they are treated. She, herself, has three absolutely adorable dogs and regularly fosters. She is doing her work experience in a rescue centre out in Macroom run by the charity D.A.W.G. and set up a charity gig to raise some funds for the place which was held in /cyprus Avenue yesterday (14th Feb) in Cork. It was a great night. She asked me a few weeks before the gig to write a song especially for her D.A.W.G. charity so I agreed. It was weird. Ive never written a song to order before, Im kind of a spur of the moment song writer. The music for the song came about one day while I was looking after my niece at my flat. She just started school this year and is a fascinating little creature, ridiculously lovable. Anyway, my guitar sits on a guitar stand in my kitchen/living room and I don't mind her strumming it but, admittedly, I do get agitated when she plays with the pegs and detunes the thing. As we were leaving to get the bus back to her house this day she, after giving me that infamous mischievous smirk, started twisting one of the pegs. 'Please don't turn those Muireann, come on we've got to go.' I said before taking her home. When I returned and checked to see how out of tune it was it transpired that she had only managed tuned the D string down to a perfect C instead. I thought it sounded beautiful and wrote a piece of music right then. I played around with lyrics for a while but wasn't coming up with anything special so I asked Corinne to give me some names and stories of some of the rescue dogs in her place for a bit of inspiration. She told me to go to the D.A.W.G. website http://www.dogactionwelfaregroup.ie/ where I could read all the stories myself. After about half an hour I was balling my eyes out at some of the horrific stories of some of the rescue dogs. I finished the lyrics that night (five days before the gig!). So, thats how I wrote my new song. A video of it was captured that night in Cyprus Avenue, its public debut, and can be viewed on youtube at this address https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=523867963&ref=tn_tnmn And here ar the lyrics..... ***************************************** Mans Best Friend Cullen was a good dog Just wanted a little love a rub and some food. He stood sore with rickets Hairless and malnourished Eyes full of blues. They made a nervous wreck Out of mans best friend. Piper was dumped like rubbish she's old now and sluggish Used up as a breeding machine. So tired, timid and toothless So loving and so harmless Sick of scratching flea's. They made a nervous wreck Out of mans best friend. We can save them We can show them love We can save them We can rescue dogs We can rescue dogs ********************************************* So, one for the dog lovers :) On the same night I debuted as the singer for our new electronica band LambDancer which, just for the moment, is just me and the music maker Darqhorse. More members will surely follow in time. It was great fun to be guitar-less and free to dance for a change and expect an electronica album in the next year or so. I love all different types of music and have long wanted to something electronic. A kind of a Bjork-y/Portishead-y/Goldfrapp-y type thing so stay tuned :) You can listen to one of our first tracks on my Sound Cloud here...... http://soundcloud.com/sian-brown/look-in So, there you go, thats all my news for a bit. A million trillion bazilion thank you's to all who have donated and/or spread the word of my Fund it project. I'm extremely hopeful and eternally grateful :) Love to all xxx


Hey :) , just wanted to say thanks, again, to all my funders!! I am nearly half way there already and growing ever more hopeful that I'll reach my target in the allotted time. The generosity from everyone is really beautiful. When I decided to give fund it a go I just figured 'Its worth a shot. I'll try anything at this stage to raise the money.' I had no idea that the total would build up so quickly. I hope it keeps going as well as its gone so far. It's a bit strange really, asking for this money in the current economical climate. I understand that there are a lot of people I know, even personally, who would love to donate but are not in the position to. Thats totally fine. Just spreading the word is a HUGE help too. I promise that every cent raised will go towards the album. As a songwriter the songs just keep coming whether I want them to or not. Maybe I was just born to write, maybe its destiny, I don't know. There's not much money in original music unless, by some miracle, you get picked up on by mainstream media and get your songs played to the whole country which is so very rare. There are hundreds and thousands of singer songwriters in Ireland alone, Cork has LOADS of them. Really really good ones too. Some of my best friends in just Cork city are AMAZING female singer songwriters who all deserve to be heard. I don't think Im more or less special than any one else. I just think 'I'm Siân Brown, nobody else is, and I'll sing my words if I want to.' I came to the realisation years ago, after many a rejection, that I had chosen a difficult path but its still one that I stand by. These days I have a part time job, I earn money where ever and when ever I can and I work away on my music in my spare time because I just LOVE it. Thats what it boils down to. They say that if you can turn your passion into your job then you'll have a happy life. Well, I may or may not end up making money from my music but, either way, I would like to get it out there all the same. Just because I know that, some where, some one feels the same as me. Life was never lonely when I was listening to my ipod :) So, wish me more luck. The album WILL be released, but it could be a lot sooner with some extra funding. Loads of love to all Siân xxx


Well, week one down and I'm not doing too badly. Thanks SO MUCH to all who have funded me so far. Fingers crossed the amount will continue to grow. All is well here, lots to do really but I'm looking forward to it all. I have an amazing bunch of people around me. Friends, family and anonymous funders...(WHO ARE YOU!!!!! Its baffling). I'm a really lucky woman. Thanks so much to Radio 1 D.J. Alf McCarthy who gave a huge plug to my project there last Wed on his show Late Date. He has always been a great supporter of my music and its all very much appreciated. I have started giving guitar lessons to this lovely young boy recently. I'm so happy to be passing on the gift of music. He's so eager to learn and he's picking things up really quickly. Theres a passion there that re sparks my own. It's great :) I'm saving as much as I can from my part time play school teaching job and Ive also taken on a part time stock taking job to bring in more monies for the project. I'm doing the best I can and it makes it all worth while when I see the donations slowly adding up. I'll keep blogging my progress so keep an eye out. Loads of love to all Siân xxx

And we're off!!!!!

Well, my project went live yesterday and Ive got my very first pledges ALREADY! Im really grateful to everyone who has promoted the project and pledged so far. WOW! Thanks so much! I will do my best and keep positive that I'll raise my funds for the second album within the 77 days. I WILL blog regularly as I LOVE to write. I'll try not to rant too much ;) Music means the world to me and has been my savior on SO MANY occasions. When I was seven, and growing up in the remote North Cork countryside, I used to listen to my beloved Tracy Chapman on a cheap little walkman that I had gotten for Christmas. I remember lying on my bed listening to 'Fast Car' thinking 'One day I'll get a fast car away from here, I have a feeling I could be some one too.' I hold Tracy Chapman responsible for the beginnings of my song writing and I still love and listen to her to this day. I've had a strange ol' life and my song writing can often be a bit on the depressing side but sadness is a very real part of everyones life and I now feel that if I could just connect with people and make them feel a little less alone, like what Tracy Chapman did for me ALL those years ago and continues to do, then my time on this planet would be well spent. You know, I saw Tracy play a few years ago here in Cork. It was a dream come true. I stood in the audience not far from her on the stage and cried and sang along through the whole show. Music is magic and HEALING!!! To touch peoples hearts, now thats real beauty. So, I'll give this my BEST shot as I do have a whole new collection of songs written and I'd love to get them out there on another album. I have some ridiculously amazing friends who will help, I just need some funds for all the bits and pieces. Mastering, printing, packaging, duplication, promotion. It all adds up. I'll blog again soon. Thanks for reading/sharing/funding my project. Loads of love to you :) Siân xxx

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