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Signs of Life: New paintings



Signs of Life: December 1-7. Zion Gallery Dublin

This show grew out of the pandemic; our world changed, we lost loved ones. There was little else to do for many but watch TV, work from PCs and walk. I discovered corners of my city that I hadn't noticed before. I absorbed the atmosphere of old Dublin and the toll that it was taking on people. Many houses I passed by had people poised over their laptops at their windows, gazing into bright screens. People kept their Christmas lights on until the end of March to bring a little cheer. The air was clearer and the birdsong more plentiful.

I wondered at how the homeless managed in a place where few were able to give cash. A real cashless society. Mostly, I drank in the atmosphere of the old streets of Portobello, Camden Street, and Rathmines and how it's so much better than the online world. Besides; it's time to have a party!


There are many costs attached to holding an exhibition:

  • Framing -15 artworks. Approximately €1700.
  • Photographing the artwork €500.
  • Printing: Catalogue €340
  • For Show Opening: Wine/hire  of glasses. €200
  • Posters for A-frame: €150
  • Invitations €60
  • Printed Rewards: Depending on reward,- €5 to €60
  • Mounts, packaging and delivery for Open Edition printed rewards: €10/print


I've lived and worked as an artist in Dublin for thirty-three years. I've been a regular contributor of illustrations to the Irish Times and Wall Street Journal and my work hangs in the British National Collection.
I've successfully funded two earlier shows using Fundit.ie: The 52nd State of Mind and Flights of Fancy. I've also had exhibitions in the Alliance française, Dublin, represented Ireland in the Alliance in Paris and I've exhibited as part of a group show in Le Louvre, Paris. I represented Ireland again in a group show, "L'archipel d'en Face" in the City of Nantes, France.

This is the fifth solo show I've put on - the work is done, so nailing down the timeline is the hardest task. Allowing time for the framer to do the work is the biggest issue. The catalogue will be designed by me and printers work very fast.

Since this is a solo show entirely created by me, there is no gallery support. I have no other sources of funding. I believe art should stand on it's own merit without subventions from the State. No Arts Council. If it's good, it will succeed. If not, it will fall.

I'm grateful to Dublin arts-collective SUBSET, introduced me to the splendid Zion Gallery in Orwell, Dublin


  • All work framed by Nov 28
  • Invitations printed and sent by Nov 10,
  • Catalogues printed by Nov 28
  • Wine/glasses delivered Dec 1

Thank you very much for reading this. I hope you enjoy my work. Each painting means something special to me, either commemorating a simple event like a cycle ride with a friend to Dalkey or my own feelings about our changing world. They're all signs of Life.




McSherry's Relaxed Period

Hello all,

It's Saturday morning and I'm sitting in the gallery amid all my paintings. There was a burst of activity earlier when a crowd of parents with their children from the Youth Orchestra bustled in. The orchestra practice in the Zion church hall just adjacent to the church. 

Otherwise, it has been a quiet week. I had one visitor yesterday -an artist friend who teaches in High School just beside us. We had a couple of beers and a long philosophical chat. In the quiet moments, I have my fiddle here and I scratch out my tunes but not when the orchestra children are here! Proximity is just not a problem now, so if that worries you, the next week or two is the time to come in -give me a call on 086 247 0737 and we can fix on a time to meet here. I'm usually here from 11am -6pm.

I got a mention in The Gloss magazine but I missed getting it myself, so if you did and you can find the reference, I'd love a copy of it.

I took several of the paintings in the catalogue down to be scanned and printed for buyers and they should be back up early next week. I had replaced them temporarily with some old favourites that are in my personal collection. Links below. 

You can see all the pictures of the opening on my website on the show page here: https://www.mcsherrystudio.com/2021-signs-of-life/

Lastly, because of covid fears, the next exhibition was cancelled, so I get to stay until December 31st. They'll never get rid of me I tell you!




Signs of Life: Now the calm part

Hi all,

Thank you all for your support in making this exhibition happen and for coming to the opening. 

The exhibition space is now a place of serenity - a few people amble in every day and all I have to do now is sit here and wait. I don't, though; I brought in my violin and practice my trad fiddle tunes until someone walks in and looks confused for a moment.

So, if you have concerns over proximity during this new wave of Covid, there's no need to worry. If you're worried about having to listen to me scratching out fiddle tunes, I promise I'll stop when you arrive.

If you'd like to have me guide you around the show, give me a call on 086 247 0737 and we can settle on a time to meet here. There'll be a glass of wine or a coffee ready for you.

Take care of yourselves,

Preparation Day

I'm off to the gallery this morning to hang all the paintings. It's going to be busy. They will all be up by lunchtime in preparation for tomorrow's opening (Thursday 7pm). Just to avoid any confusion, you CAN come this afternoon/early evening if you'd prefer to avoid too many people. I'll be there, there'll even be a glass of wine for you; but no speaker.

Talk soon,


Signs of Life update.

Hello all,

Just to let you know -things are on the move, despite renewed threats of restrictions. There's nothing for it but to go for it...

On the day, unless we're shut down of course, I'd ask you to wear a mask and show a covid cert and do the contact tracing thing at the door.  

On a positive note. All the paintings are with Liam the framer (Village Framing Unit 3 Dodder Park Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin).

I need to order the wine and guess what? I've secured a small beer sponsorship from the local Four Provinces microbrewery. 

I've updated my website Signs of Life page which you can see at this link.

My catalogue is almost ready to go and you can download a PDF of the current version from my web page at the link above. 

If you have any suggestions, by the way, I'm all ears!

All the best and take care of yourselves,


Thank you all

Hello everybody,

I wanted to update you and to thank you all for participating in Signs of Life. It seems that it's 116% funded wgich is really gratifying.

First off, this means that I'm in a position to add a little something to the occasion: We're going to have a musician for our opening. I've worked with her before. Her name is Fiona and she's an excellent harpist and to have her playing for us is an honour.

Apart from that, I'm busy today photographing paintings for the catalogue, using a large and complicated camera that I find confusing to use. I'm no photographer, that's for sure.

I'll keep you informed of how things are going as I go along.

Take care,


Signs of Life: Signs of Preparation

Hi all, I've been collecting up all the paintings that are to be framed for this show. There's touching up to be done and then it's all off to my favourite framer, Liam at Village Framing and Gallery on the Dodder Park Drive to be beautified. Not me; the paintings. I like paintings to be framed. It does something special for them. All I'll need to beautify myself is to cut my hair and iron the front of a shirt for the big day.

Here I am amid the currrent chaos of my studio

Talk soon, I'll update you as I go along. It's great to know you're there, by the way. I'm at 51% funding with just over a week to go. Gulp!

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