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Simeon's Song

By St.Simeon And The Stylites


After two years of gigs and general divilment we think it's high time St. Simeon and the Stylites put together their first E.P.

For those not in the know here's a brief bio of the band:

When Roger arrived in Falcarragh, North-Donegal, he found a couple of like minded souls with a fondness for the strange and quirky end of the musical spectrum. St. Simeon and the Stylites were born. After a year of local gigging, Ben and Roger returned to college promising to keep the Stylites alive. (Shout out to our original drummer during this period: Marc Grady aka Alypius Stylite!)

An exciting 2015 saw the addition of Eoin Hough and Dan Crowe (keys and drums respectively). Hence, with renewed Stylitic fervour, we cracked on with a mini-tour of festivals and music venues over the summer which culminated in an appearance at the Cork Jazz fest!

Now time has flown and 2016 is upon us. Thus far, we've been getting away with just a few rough recordings and goofy videos. So, after two and a half years of gallivanting, it's high time St. Simeon and the Stylites released some properly recorded tunes!

Here's a breakdown of what we'll use the money for:

We've a studio in mind that'll do us a deal for €600. E.P printing with a nice sleeve we've priced at €300. For the artwork, posters, flyers and merchandise we've budgeted (in cottage industry fashion) €200. Finally the rest will be on postage and creation of rewards for our funders .

So why aren't we reaching into our own pockets for this venture? As a primarily original band, not to mention poor students, we don't make much money outside of the few generous pubs that book us for cover nights.

Along with the usual rewards we've decided to add some incentive markers to keep the ball rolling:

If we reach :

€400 - Roger will give up his beloved hair. Along with the comedic value (even as a child he’s never had a buzzcut and we suspect he’ll look like a misshapen bug-eyed alien) we can donate the hair to a charity. It's just reached the required minimum donation length; 10 inches of greasy mane.

€650 - Dan Crowe will catch a bus or a train. In fact any form of public transport will do. We are convinced it is the only way to rid him of his phobia and save Derek (his suffering father) from ever having to drive all the way to Cork city and back in the space of 6 hours :)

€900 - Ben will post a video of himself dancing the Charleston to 2-unlimited’s immortal 90’s hit ‘No Limits’. (He actually does a mean Charleston..)

€1100 - Eoin will do something amazing - possibly agricultural or involving the piano.. Maybe both. Serious suggestions welcome!

Finally a big thanks for reading this and hopefully dropping us a few quid for this project!

St.Simeon :)



The Final Frontier

Hello everyone! 

This is an update on the project you so kindly helped us with. We're finally on the home straight. As you’ve probably noticed It's been a far slower process than we expected. But we’re finally close enough to the quality we're looking for (or at least close enough that we can stifle the procrastination and cold feet). Time to get over the hand-wringing and get the thing out :) 

Here follows a bit of brain spew.. Feel free to skip the next chunk of text :) It's really a bunch of reasons/excuses for taking 12 months longer than planned.

Recording and mastering is HARD. All those stories of people recording albums in their bedrooms lures you into thinking it's just down to time spent with the right gear. However -- here's the rub -- if you aim to record music in the traditional idiom of analogue/acoustic instruments you're trying to emulate (unintentionally or otherwise) the canon of analogue recorded music. As such you’re trying to work at the level of genuine engineers and groups of people whose life craft has been using technology and chutzpah to arrange sound. Hence your own ears are your worst enemy and simultaneously your only sensory tool! Let's put it like this: Imagine banging a guitar/keyboard/drums for a half your life (INNER MONOLOGUE - 'yep I can do songs me') and then deciding that you could probably figure out the recording jiggery-pokery in a few months. That's the breathtaking naivety that we and most like minded musicians are guilty of. We want to put the temporal mess of live music in a box. On top of that we want it to sound acceptable within the matrix of music that was recorded by people who know what their doing. It's like natural selection - recorded music has been available for about 100 years and that century has been a paradigm of praxis - an incremental development of technology, skills, conventions, fashion and commercialism. Assuming that you can digest that and hop into the maelstrom is a recipe for extreme frustration.

Here’s the advice that we would give to ourselves if we could go back in time and give ourselves a good talking too. It might be valid to those of your in a similar position

  1. Go study sound engineering (twould save a lot of hassle)
  2. Think of your recording equipment (software and hardware) as an extension of your prefered instrument..
  3. Let your recording equipment affect your arrangements and become part of your songwriting process
  4. Listen to isolated tracks of music you like whenever you can find it (helps you appreciate your own takes) 
  5. Give up analogue and acoustic music and go full electronic (mostly joking here… … … mostly)
  6. Always practice and play with a metronome or other people whose timing is better than your own

Its stands to reason If your ultimate goal is recording then anytime you practice whilst being plugged into your recording setup is doubly useful.

So in the end the process is really learning to balance between your own treacherous ears as well as your technical limitations. Even if you have faith in your music you’ll still be constantly asking people ‘is this ok?’ ..’ can I get away with this?’.. ‘Does this sound like real music?’. At the same time you’ll be trying to swat up on technical shit and hoping that you’ve reached a skill level that allows you to record something that is plausible! 

To finish we think we have made something that is (at best) plausible..  and yet we are pretty proud of it. Turns out even getting near your own level of plausibility is so hard it’s a relief to even see it on the horizon.

It’s worth saying that we’re especially thankful for the crowdfunding system as well as the wee bit of faith and good will that made you people pass us a few quid. If you people hadn’t pledged money towards the CD that didn’t exist the gauntlet of doubt and ignorance would have definitely defeated us. 


All the Best
Dan, Eoghan,Ben, Roger and Collaborators
St.Simeon & the stylites


Updates on the EP project coming soon!.. We've lots of work done despite the distractions of nice weather :)

20 hours to go and we've cracked 1000 .. thanks!

Forever immortalised in Gif format.. Ben get's his groove on for the cause https://giphy.com/gifs/Dj9rtUXmp53va Whole video's here for those not on facebook. https://youtu.be/utUeAuRvH4g St.Simeon

4 days to go.. The end is nigh!

Thanks to everyone who's donated so far. It's easy to adjust your pledge if you fancy a T-shirt/art-work etc. €20 (That's £15) will get you a CD, bonus tracks and one of these babies! http://imgur.com/a/M2FQV

Crossed the €400 rubicon.. that's bye bye to Rogers hair..

Thanks to former stylite Marc 'Alypius' Grady!

And we're Live!

Someone's already hit us with a super generous €120! that's dibs on our old acoustic lap dobro!

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