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Simon Bird EP Vinyl Release

By Simon Bird


My name is Simon Bird.

I am a 21 year old, self-taught music producer. Originally from Somerset, England, I have lived in Dublin for the past 5 years. One year ago I released my first online EP of electronic music that I wrote, recorded and produced, in my bedroom, entirely on my own. I did it mainly for fun and for my friends, and didn't really expect much to come of it.
Since then I have released another four EP's, a full length album under a side project, and have played a number of gigs, including festival performances at Electric Picnic and Hard Working Class Heroes. However, I am still an unsigned musician. To date, I have released all of my music entirely for free and the majority of my gigs have been unpaid.

On October 20th of this year I released ‘V’, my fifth EP, as a free download. So far, the reception for it has been fantastic. It has been reviewed positively by a number of music journalists and blog sites (including popular Irish blogs Nialler 9 & Harmless Noise) and was declared one of the “Top Ten Best Free Irish Music Downloads” of 2011 by the music correspondent for The Irish Independent’s Day & Night Magazine.

I am extremely happy with all of the music that I have produced to date and now, with the success so far of ‘V’, I can see for the first time a shimmer of hope that I could make a future for myself in this business. That's where you come in.

I need your help to raise money to fund the printing of a run of two hundred and fifty 12" vinyl copies of 'V'. The vinyls will be distributed world wide to music journalists, publications and media for review, as well as being sold independently by me. I plan to create completely original artwork for the release and, with a STRICTLY LIMITED run of 250 copies, I envision them potentially becoming something of a collector’s item in years to come.

To have music that I have written and recorded on vinyl is something of a dream of mine. In my mind, the experience of putting a record on a turntable and listening to it through quality headphones is the best way to listen to music. There is a depth to the sound that I feel is unmatched by modern day alternatives, and the aesthetic quality is infinitely more satisfying.

I have always released my music for free because I feel that people shouldn’t have to pay to download music. Creating these vinyls would enable me to fund my future music projects whilst feeling satisfied that I am giving back something tangible that represents my work in a format that I am entirely happy with.

Please give what you can, and thank you for your help.

Simon Bird



Bad News

Today I received 250 Vinyl's from the pressing company, complete with the full colour sleeves (which look great). However when I took one out and put it on the turntable I realised that a significant error has been made with the pressing. The tracks 'Xerox Waveform Godless Ocean' & 'Baphomet Vs The Great Winged Horse' are absent from the record and what I have been sent is 250 12"s with only 'Commence Snow' on the A side and 'Stillborn In Autumn' on the B side. Words cannot express how disappointed and frustrated I am that this has happened, especially considering how patient everyone has been during the wait since the end of the fundit. So that's the bad news... The good news is that I have reported this error back to the company that printed the Vinyls and they have taken responsibility for the mistake. They have agreed to reprint all 250 copies free of charge and ship them out to me. Unfortunately this means essentially starting the printing process over again from scratch and will most likely take two or three weeks. They've also agreed to leave all the defect copies of the EP with me so if anyone would like one of these then you're welcome to one. I will be in touch again as soon as they tell me when I can expect the new Vinyls. I have been assured that this is a top priority so I can only hope that it will be taken care of as soon as possible. Cheers, SImon


I received word today that the Vinyls are going to be delivered to me next Wednesday. I'm not sure really what the best way would be to go about distributing the Vinyls to each of you. I've ordered a load of 12" carboard envelopes for postage so if you would like me to mail you your copy then just email me your postage address at simonbirdmusic@gmail.com Alternatively I have a gig on the 16th and will have copies of the Vinyl there so you can simply collect them directly. Regarding the hand painted sleeves I would prefer to post these as bringing them out to gigs with me could result in them getting damaged. If you are planning on coming to the shaw gig to get the vinyl could you let me know so I have a rough idea as to how many to bring. Cheers, Simon Bird

Undate #2

Hey everyone, Just wanted to send you all a quick update. As the fundit campaign has now reached it's close you should all find that your donations have been debited from your account. We are now in the waiting period between this happening and the money being transferred into my account. Normally this waiting period is supposed to take 3 weeks (1 of these has passed already at the time I'm sending this), however it might take a little bit longer with Christmas coming up. Once the money enters my account I will be able to make the order on the Vinyls. When this happens I'll send you out another email to let you know. Cheers, Simon If anyone has any questions feel free to email me at simonbirdmusic@gmail.com


Firstly let me just say a massive thank you to everyone who has pledged money to this project. I greatly appreciate all the support and it's really encouraging to have reached the target so quickly. Secondly, I wanted to give you a little more info on the timeframe of this project and when you can expect to receive your rewards. Unfortunately it seems I will not be able to get the Vinyls printed and sent out to everyone for a little while. I have been informed by fundit that, despite the target amount having been raised, the project will have to run it's course for the remaining couple of weeks. After that there is a waiting period of up to 3 weeks before I will receive the money from fundit, and then a following wait of around 15-20 days before I will get the vinyls from the printers. So, with the christmas holidays in mind, it will most likely be early Janurary before you all get your copies of the vinyl. However I am going to do all I can to ensure the wait is kept as short as possible. I'm going to be working on painting those covers for those who donated 75+, and will be getting in touch with the printers so that they will be expecting my order the moment the money enters my account. I will keep you all updated with any developments and if anyone wants to contact me to get any more information they can at: simonbirdmusic@gmail.com Cheers, Simon Bird

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