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Sisters Of The Rising

By Naomi Daly


The early 1900s was an exciting time for the feminist movement in Ireland, women were an integral part of the struggle for independence, fuelled by a passion for the cause and a belief that an independent state would enhance their own rights.

Sisters of the Rising is the story of one woman's journey through that struggle. It begins in 1936 when Josie is about to read a roll of honour commemorating those who fought and died in the Easter Rising. She excitedly anticipates her sister's name on the list. When she discovers that Gill has not been named, she is compelled to remember her sister by telling her own story.

Sisters of the Rising will premiere in The Everyman, Cork on Monday 14th March and run until Friday 18th March

We have launched this Fundit campaign to raise the money to cover the initial costs of the production including set, graphic design and rehearsal period of the show. We are exploring other means of raising funds and are very grateful for the support which we have received so far. However, with your support and the success of this campaign we will have the means to cover the initial costs of the production.


Cast: Christiane O’Mahony and Roseanne Lynch
Composer: John O’Brien
Director: Anushka Senanayake
Lighting and Set Designer: Brian Mitchell
Producer: Naomi Daly.