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Skit & Pebbles Short Film

By Barry Gibbons


On December 16th, 2010, a young couple went missing after they were last seen by a friend near Suir Road, Dublin.

Two days later, the bodies of Robert Sneddon and Wendy Atkinson were pulled from the Grand Canal. Although there were no witnesses, Gardaí believe one of the pair accidentally fell into the water while the second entered the canal in an effort to save the first from drowning.

It is a love story that will never be told because the pair were homeless and drug addicts.

Their story inspired mine.

Skit and Pebbles is a short story (10-12 minutes) following a day in the life of a homeless couple in Dublin who cling onto a remote dream of reaching America. As second class citizens in their home town the duo must face the daily challenge of survival while retaining the hope that keeps them going. The film aims to challenge our views and perception of those on the lower rungs of society. As we journey with the couple through the cobble-stoned streets where Oscar Wilde once walked, we realise we are all in the gutters, but some of us are staring at the stars.

I am Gavin Butler (Writer/Director) and with the help of Barry Gibbons (Producer), we are hoping to shoot 'Skit & Pebbles' over 4 days in July/August 2013. The film will be shot on various locations in inner city Dublin. The main cast and crew are already committed to the project and are pledging their time and skills completely free of charge. Your €3,000 will be spent entirely on equipment rental, warddrobe, set design, insurance, permits, catering, travel and everything in post production. Any short falls on this very tight budget will be self-funded, while if we manage to surpass our goal it will simply enable us to enter many more festivals at completion.

'Skit and Pebbles' will be our second short film after post production on 'Lean on Me' completed in March 2013. 'Lean on Me' is now entering this years Short Film festival circuit.

At this point, allow us to thank you for taking the time to read this pitch, and a bigger thank you to those who deem it worthy of your financial support!



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