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Small hands in Handcuffs

By Brenda Carroll


The film follows 16 yr old gamer Anrai Carroll's journey from first deciding to put down his x-box controller and pick up a camera to make this film, fundraising and borrowing the money, to finally getting to a small village in the West Bank where he not only interviews a 16 year old who has been arrested and spent 14 months in prison but also witnessed two small children being arrested by the Israeli Army. The film shows not just the physical journey, but the emotional and psychological transition from naive young boy to manhood.

Posing as tourists, Anrai and his single parent Mum filmed on two small cameras, travelled to the West Bank were they interviewed Mahmoud a 16 year old boy who was arrested at 14 and imprisoned for 14 months in an Israeli Jail. While in the village, they witness Israeli soldiers arresting an 8 year old and 12 year old. Anrai documents his journey, his thoughts and what he witnessed while in the West Bank, the film is supplemented with additional footage from activists around the world.

This is a powerful film, Anrai's honesty and openness about how hard it was emotionally to deal with the transition from playing Call of Duty on X-box to facing real live soldiers and guns shines through in the emotional voice-overs and 'piece to camera' footage.

We need funding to:

Complete the editing of the film. We need to pay for technical support with advanced editing and to have the sound remastered.

Launch the film in Waterford

Have copies of the DVD produced as we have had a considerable number of requests for copies of the DVD

In addition to launching the film in Waterford, The film will be shown to transition year students and activist and church groups around Ireland. The film is a 'not for profit' venture with no personal or financial gain for Anrai or I.



Thank You!

We reached our target thanks to all the people who kindly donated. The film is almost ready to have the sound sorted and then we can launch it, we have already been asked to show it in numerous places around the country and a university in the States is planning to show it to some of their students, During the first six weeks after we got back, 88 children were arrested in Palestine. We can only hope that Anrai's film will help highlight what is going on in Palestine. If anyone is interested in organising a showing of the film. Contact us on 0868812310

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