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SMÖRGASBOARD - a board game for foodies



About Us - RichArt

Hello! We are Richard, Maggie & Tom. We design and develop board games.

Richard is responsible for creative and sometimes needs to be brought back down to Earth. He’s always thinking and can’t sit still for very long. He drinks a lot of coffee. Maggie’s in charge of R&D and is always planning. She also bakes us tasty treats and has a keen eye for design. Tom is 11 months old and heads up quality control – if he can’t break it...then it passes the test! He’s also been known to get involved with creative and has very different ideas on how the office should look.

We’re energetic, passionate, and excited about what we do. Sometimes we dream, but that’s how ideas are conceived and our games are born.

We’re board but never bored™

About the Project - SMÖRGASBOARD®

SMÖRGASBOARD® is our first board game, which we have spent the last year tweaking and shaping so that it’s ready to be sent out into the World.

SMÖRGASBOARD® is a board game for foodies, friends, and family alike. Players take on the guise of aspiring chefs as they work their way around the board in search of gastronomic success. The object of the game is to be the first team of chefs to graduate from Rick’s Culinary Academy! The loser...does the dishes!

Take a look at our short YouTube video to learn more about the game.

How You Can Help Us

In order to make SMÖRGASBOARD® a reality we need your help to raise €8,500. This includes Fund it’s fees of €680. Most of our target is allocated for the manufacture of the game and the cost of commissioning award winning illustrator Steve Simpson to bring his artistic talent to the final design. We love our current design but we are very excited about what Steve’s vintage fun and nostalgic characters will bring to SMÖRGASBOARD®!

Steve has been creating illustration for major ad & design companies for the last 20 years. His characters have appeared on everything from postage stamps to billboards, and snack packaging to chilli bottles. In recent years he's also been illustrating children's books. Most recently Steve picked up a bell at The Institute of Creative Advertising & Design (ICAD) awards for his Inferno Chilli label design. You can view his portfolio by visiting his website http://www.stevesimpson.com/.

The remainder of the target is to cover packaging, distribution, legal stuff, and a new toy to keep Tom out of the office!

Any pledge is greatly appreciated, but what we would really love is for you to receive a shiny new copy of the game to play with your friends and family. This requires a pledge of €40 (please include P&P for funders outside of Ireland). As we will be manufacturing the game in very small quantities, the costs are higher, which is why the game is only available to pledges at this level.

Thank you for your interest in SMÖRGASBOARD®.

Richard, Maggie & Tom



SMORGASBOARD is available for purchase online now!

The concept is now a reality and the finished product is available for purchase online! Those who have yet to taste the SMORGASBOARD® action can simply log on to www.smorgasboard.ie for a list of stockists or to purchase online. Thank you, #TeamSMORGASBOARD ; )

Thank You! : )

A huge thank you to all our Fantastic Funders who helped get SMÖRGASBOARD® over the line. We quite literally couldn’t have done it without you and we are very grateful for all the support, encouragement and kind words that we received from everyone over the past few weeks. We will be in touch with our funders over the coming days in relation to the delivery of rewards and the timeline for the next phase of this amazing foodie adventure! Steve Simpson is already busy working away on the game’s final design and we are very excited with his illustrations so far. You can stay updated of our progress by visiting us at www.facebook.com/richartgames or following us at https://twitter.com/#!/richart_games. Thank you, Richard, Maggie & Tom

A Dream, a Passion & 3 Days to Go on Fund it...

As we enter the final days of our Fund it campaign we have been looking back on what has been an amazing journey punctuated by excitement, anticipation and some self-doubt along the way. SMÖRGASBOARD® was conceived some two years ago now, when Richard had begun another year on the daily commute to Dublin. He had always dreamed of running his own creative business and after spending Christmas eating and playing board games with friends and family, he had an idea. From there, RichArt and SMÖRGASBOARD® were born. Having shared the idea with Maggie, we set about developing and designing SMÖRGASBOARD®. Months of sketches and brainstorming ensued until finally we had devised the mechanics of the game and our four key categories, namely 4BIDDEN-FRUIT™, KITCHEN-KAOS™, NUÜDLE-DOODLE™ and TASTO-QUEST™. Maggie carefully researched and selected the questions to ensure we had the perfect mix of knowledge and fun, and then we set about prototyping the game. Although we were delighted with our efforts so far, our most perfect creation arrived last May, when baby Tom was born and SMÖRGASBOARD® had to take a back seat until we came up with a way of juggling nappies, night-feeds and developing the game. It wasn’t long before Tom was on board and it was clear that he was going to be a devoted foodie too! The next phase was game testing SMÖRGASBOARD® and until now our top secret project hadn’t been seen by the outside World. What would others make of our new board game? Would they think we were crazy? Thankfully, we weren’t the only ones that loved SMÖRGASBOARD® and many fun nights were spent cooking, eating and sharing SMÖRGASBOARD® with friends & family. We were ready to take our game to the next level but weren’t sure how to get there. The answer came in the form of Fund it and it’s fantastic platform for new and exciting projects to gain support and funding from fans and followers across the globe. To put the game into production we would need to raise €8,500 from fellow foodies and board game fans. 39 days into our campaign and we’re at 76% of target. We quite literally couldn’t have come this far without each and every one of our Fantastic Funders, and for that we thank you all most sincerely. With just 3 days to go, we’re within a dice’s throw of crossing the line, but we still need to raise €1,960 to get SMÖRGASBOARD® into production. To give SMÖRGASBOARD® every chance of succeeding, please help us spread the word by telling your friends, family & fellow foodies all about www.smorgasboard.ie. The project closes on Wednesday, 6th June! Fingers and toes crossed we’ll be sending you your shiny new copy of SMÖRGASBOARD® really soon! Many thanks, Richard, Maggie & Tom : )

Ireland’s First Ever SMÖRGASBOARD® Event!

Hello Fellow Foodies, We are now 4 weeks into our Fund it campaign and SMÖRGASBOARD® is 63% funded! We have been blown away by the interest and support received so far and we will be busy making sure we reach our target over the next two weeks. Should our campaign be successful, all our Fantastic Funders will receive a complimentary invitation to Ireland’s first ever SMÖRGASBOARD® event in D’Vine Wine Bar & Restaurant, Drogheda, where you will get to sample a selection of D’Vine’s new tapas menu while you play the game. We hope to see you all there, Richard, Maggie & Tom : ) PS – Don’t forget to like our Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/richartgames, before the 6th of June 2012 to be in with a chance to win a voucher for 1 Night + Dinner + B&B at the 4 Star d Hotel, Drogheda (all of those who have already liked the page will be automatically included in the competition).

Be in with a chance to win...!

Just a very quick update to let you know that we are running a competition on our Facebook page. All you have to do is LIKE and SHARE http://www.facebook.com/richartgames before the 6th of June 2012 to be in with a chance to win a voucher for 1 Night + Dinner + B&B at the 4 Star d Hotel, Drogheda (all of those who have already liked the page will be automatically included in the competition). We have also finalised our Foodie Calendar for 2013 and are working through the recipes for the SMÖRGASBOARD® Recipe Ideas booklet and enjoying tasting them as we go! Finally, keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter over the coming weeks for some teaser questions from SMÖRGASBOARD®, which we hope will whet your appetite for the finished game! Thanks again for all your support, Richard, Maggie & Tom

A Week in the Life of SMÖRGASBOARD®

It’s now 7 days since we rolled the dice on SMÖRGASBOARD® and it’s already reached 41% thanks to our truly Fantastic Funders!  We really were delighted to receive such an amazing response to the project over the last few days and would like to say a huge thank you to all our funders so far for taking a bite of the action and for helping us to spread the word about SMÖRGASBOARD®. In addition to promoting the project, we have been busy working on our foodie’s calendar and the SMÖRGASBOARD® Recipe Ideas for our rewards, and also making plans for the final design of the game board. We’ll be in touch again soon with more updates... Many thanks, Richard, Maggie & Tom : )

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