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Solpadeine Is My Boyfriend

By With An 'F' Productions


With An 'F' Productions is the brain-child of Stefanie Preissner and Fionn Woodhouse. They set up the company in 2008 with their debut production 'The Shape of A Girl'. Following the success of that, they decided to focus on developing new work. In 2011 they began developing 'Our Father', which premiered at ABSOLUT Fringe 2011 and now they are back with their new play 'Solpadeine Is My Boyfriend'.
What happens when the class clown has graduated and is no longer funny? We drink, we smoke, we dance, we eat, we book tickets online and pack suitcases, we swim, we run, we go to the theatre, we turn off our phones, we turn on our laptops, we log in and log on, we leave or we stay and we pretend. What do YOU do to escape?

'Solpadeine is My Boyfriend' is about change. It’s more than a hair cut or just going to college. It’s about the changes you can’t control and you can’t come back from. Changes like growing up, emigrating, and that moment when you realize that you’re not the person you thought you were going to be when you wrote about it in 3rd class.
We are now looking to raise the remaining funding to premiere the show at ABSOLUT Fringe 2012, to present the work in the city that us Corkonians have emigrated to. Help us bring this fizzling, sizzling direct and honest show to life.

After the success of her sell out show at ABSOLUT Fringe 2011, Stefanie is back with the gritty sequel, 'Solpadeine Is My Boyfriend'. Join Stefanie and two of her friends, who will join you all on SKYPE, as she takes you on a journey of leaving but wanting to stay, being trapped and finding a way to escape. Run into it with her and hope you all make it out the other side. Bring whatever you need to escape. You are every age you ever were and you give a piece of you to every relationship you’ve ever had.

“We skip forward a bit, forward in time, through unpaid UPC bills and red Luas fines. And after a while in Dublin the clouds begin to part, I develop an affinity for Burdocks and the Dart. For a split second in November 2008 I was the newest person in Dublin, the culchie lightweight. “
“If people would stop leaving and moving away, it would be easier for the ones who have to stay. If we were all still here we could carry the weight, but a few people can’t support an entire state. “

Solpadeine is My Boyfriend

Directed by Gina Moxley
Presented by With An 'F' Productions
Written by Stefanie Preissner

Developed as part of Fringe LAB, an initiative of ABSOLUT Fringe.
Also developed as part of MAKE, an initiative of Theatre Forum, ABSOLUT Fringe, Cork Midsummer Festival and The Project Arts Centre.