Solstice 2012

Solstice | Cork

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rewards for funding this project:

€10 +

Your photo on our collage of thanks (in the venue and on our website) and a huge hug! Reward delivered: Late June 2012

€25 +

A Solstice limited edition badge and an invite to a private post-show talk with the TITLE Artists Reward delivered: Late June 2012

€50 +

Love poem, especially for you, from TITLE artist Shaun Dunne. Reward delivered: July 2012

€50 +

TITLE artist Irene O'Mara will giftwrap an artefact from her installation at Solstice, sent to you with a personal note explaining it's significance. Reward delivered: Late June 2012

€50 +

A download of TITLE artist Rachel Yoder's audio tour of Cork, featuring exclusive bonus content which is only available through Fund it Reward delivered: Late June 2012

€75 +

A hand-knitted hat, scarf or baby outfit made for you by Shirley Somers Reward delivered: July 2012

€75 +

An exclusive Skype performance from Makeshift Ensemble. Reward delivered: July 2012

€75 +

A dozen of Dawn MacAllister's delicious homemade cupcakes baked especially for you. Reward delivered: July 2012

€75 +

Solo personalised performance by RuairĂ­ Donovan over the phone. Reward delivered: July 2012

€100 +

Exclusive preview tour of visual art exhibition with exhibition curator Aoife Flynn, complete with glasses of bubbly and delicious nibbles. Reward delivered: Late June 2012

€200 +

Mexican feast (including sombreros and tequila) with the Solstice curators and the TITLE Residents. Reward delivered: June or July 2012

€500 +

Eternal Patronage of Solstice. From here to eternity, Solstice will be your biggest fan. You'll get shout outs in every programme, on our website, and there will always be a front row seat for you at all of our shows. You also get all of the other fabulous rewards listed on this page too so you'll be receiving limited edition customised gifts from us all summer long. Reward delivered: June 2012 (and forever!)

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Solstice is a 5 day arts event, taking place as part of Cork Midsummer Festival 2012. Since we began in 2010, we have worked to create a platform for some of the most exciting Irish and European emerging artists to share their work with Cork city, and with you, the audience.
Solstice 2012 will include the work of over 100 individual artists, that’s 15 productions and an incredible visual arts exhibition curated by emerging curator Aoife Flynn. We will bring together artists from Ireland, Holland, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Palestine, UK and US.many more! This will be a truly unique experience from start to finish where audience and artists experience new work together, socialise and share opinions.

TITLE (This Is Tough Love Everybody) is a residency we are running throughout June this year. We are bringing 6 artists together, to share a home and develop their practice here in Cork for one month. They will be sharing the results as part of Solstice 2012.

Solstice: a 4 person collective made up of Ruairí Donovan, Dawn Mac Allister, Eszter Némethi and Shirley Somers, who are working closely alongside Tom Creed (Artistic Director, CMF) and the wonderful team at Cork Midsummer Festival. Thomas Conway (Literary Manager, Druid and Director in Residence, NUIG) is the mentor for the TITLE residents.
Solstice are the Irish winner of the European Charlemagne Youth Prize.

June 27th to July 1st 2012

We’re tired of downturn, decline, departures and decay. We’re taking control and making our own rules. We’re having a real conversation with our city and our generation about where we are and what comes next…

Solstice is a collective of young practitioners, unified by a desire to bring together an artistic community. We strive to create open, accessible venues, with no preconceptions or pretension, to showcase the work of fellow emerging artists from around the country. We offer a platform at an international arts festival for the most exciting and provocative work created by a new generation of Irish and European artists.

We aim to enhance and inform the artistic practice of all our participating artists and bring delight and debate to our audience.

Solstice is about celebration, about joy, about coming together, sharing, learning and creating an experience that will leave people changed.

How? ….
That’s where you come in!
Solstice is kindly supported by the EU Youth in Action, Cork Midsummer Festival, Cork City Arts Office and countless other supporters across the country. We’ve got big ambitions and strong foundations to build on from last year.

With your help, we can once again give artists a cost neutral platform for presenting their work, Solstice providing travel, accommodation and production costs. Your help will allow us to provide these supports and kit out our new venue to show you the best emerging artists out there. We are building something special, a new way of being together. We really value your support.

Thanks so much! Ruairí, Dawn, Eszter and Shirley.