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Solstice 2012

By Solstice


Solstice is a 5 day arts event, taking place as part of Cork Midsummer Festival 2012. Since we began in 2010, we have worked to create a platform for some of the most exciting Irish and European emerging artists to share their work with Cork city, and with you, the audience.
Solstice 2012 will include the work of over 100 individual artists, that’s 15 productions and an incredible visual arts exhibition curated by emerging curator Aoife Flynn. We will bring together artists from Ireland, Holland, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Palestine, UK and US.many more! This will be a truly unique experience from start to finish where audience and artists experience new work together, socialise and share opinions.

TITLE (This Is Tough Love Everybody) is a residency we are running throughout June this year. We are bringing 6 artists together, to share a home and develop their practice here in Cork for one month. They will be sharing the results as part of Solstice 2012.

Solstice: a 4 person collective made up of Ruairí Donovan, Dawn Mac Allister, Eszter Némethi and Shirley Somers, who are working closely alongside Tom Creed (Artistic Director, CMF) and the wonderful team at Cork Midsummer Festival. Thomas Conway (Literary Manager, Druid and Director in Residence, NUIG) is the mentor for the TITLE residents.
Solstice are the Irish winner of the European Charlemagne Youth Prize.

June 27th to July 1st 2012

We’re tired of downturn, decline, departures and decay. We’re taking control and making our own rules. We’re having a real conversation with our city and our generation about where we are and what comes next…

Solstice is a collective of young practitioners, unified by a desire to bring together an artistic community. We strive to create open, accessible venues, with no preconceptions or pretension, to showcase the work of fellow emerging artists from around the country. We offer a platform at an international arts festival for the most exciting and provocative work created by a new generation of Irish and European artists.

We aim to enhance and inform the artistic practice of all our participating artists and bring delight and debate to our audience.

Solstice is about celebration, about joy, about coming together, sharing, learning and creating an experience that will leave people changed.

How? ….
That’s where you come in!
Solstice is kindly supported by the EU Youth in Action, Cork Midsummer Festival, Cork City Arts Office and countless other supporters across the country. We’ve got big ambitions and strong foundations to build on from last year.

With your help, we can once again give artists a cost neutral platform for presenting their work, Solstice providing travel, accommodation and production costs. Your help will allow us to provide these supports and kit out our new venue to show you the best emerging artists out there. We are building something special, a new way of being together. We really value your support.

Thanks so much! Ruairí, Dawn, Eszter and Shirley.




Hello Solstice fans, its been a while since we have been in touch, we hope you are all doing really well. we hope you don't mind us contacting you out of the blue but we need your help with something. For the first time in over three years Solstice curator Ruairi Donovan is producing and presenting his own work at home in Ireland. His new project WITCHES will open the Cork Midsummer Festival this year and runs at 4am from the 21 - 24 June up at the Lough! This is definitely a spectacle not to be missed and we are so proud of all the work he and his team are doing! Ruairi is running a fundit campaign to pay his dancers and cover production costs for the project over here at... www.fundit.ie/project/witches where he explains all about the project and there is a saucy promo video to check out! (wink wink) The team are trying to raise 4k over the next two weeks so please if you can pledge €10 or €20 or whatever you can, it really makes a difference, lets get the word out and help them over the line. thank you all so much for your support with Solstice over the past three years, we are so delighted that Solstice artists like Ruairi Donovan, Conflicted Theatre Co., Makeshift Ensemble and Eat My Noise are featuring in this years Midsummer festival, let's help them make it happen! Solstice Team p.s. to those of you who have already contributed, seriously thank you - the crowd makes so much great work happen - power to the people! ITS ABOUT COMMUNITY!

23hrs to go

Hello 100+ inspiring Star Bars! you funders are amazing Over 100 of you have already supported us and we are so grateful, we can see the target is almost within our reach now. We need you now more than ever. If everyone of you can get just one other person to donate in the next 20hrs we will make our target and the funds you have so kindly donated will be secured for the event. We cannot do this without you. Please post about us, pick up the phone, tell your friends, tell your family. People are spreading the word, people are increasing their pledges, people are getting their grannies on board! We are in awe of you all! In just two weeks 150 artists arrive at SOLSTICE, there will be 244 performances of 24 productions, an exhibition including the work of 15 visual artists and a professional symposium that will engage artists and audiences alike. Our pop up venue will create from scratch a 100 seater venue that includes sound, lighting and A/V install, raised seating banks, back stage and dressing room area, and an art gallery! We are desperately struggling to make this dream a reality to the tune of €5500 not including all the amazing generosity of equipment, expertise and good will from venues, companies and supporters near and far. This figure is the cost of the build and that is before we turn a light on. The cost of running the venue for the event will be pretty hefty also, utilities such as electricity, porta cabin toilet hire, security, refuse will all add up. As well as premiering 13 new productions from Irish companies we are bringing the work of six international artists to Cork. We strongly believe that the work being made by emerging Irish practitioners is on a par and in a dialogue with our contemporaries in mainland Europe and as such a meeting like the platform SOLSTICE provides is key to the enriching of practice and critical thinking around Art for the future, for everyone. We are bringing artists from Finland, Poland, UK, Austria, Holland and Palestine among others, this work has never been seen by Irish let alone Cork audiences. We are premiering Cork and Irish work, its really a programme we are incredibly proud of. The team I am working with on Solstice are some of the most inspiring and hardworking people I know, it is a pleasure to get up and come into work every morning. Last year our event team consisted of 25 individuals, this year as the event grows Im sure we will have more than that on board. We are making something from nothing, we have some some small sponsorship on board, from the incredible people at the Youth In Action fund, the Cork City Council Arts Office, as well as venue parnters like O’Flynn Construction, UCC, CIT and The Workshop, Granary etc but the cost of this event is huge. Together we can do it!

a week to go

So much is happening, where do we even start. We are now officially installed in our venue, and the production and design team are starting the epic task of popping up our pop up venue which will house over 150 artists work. We have been traveling and researching and building networks, in Cork, Dublin, Norwich, London, Brighton, Hamburg, all over really. We have exciting plans for the future and hopefully lots of opportunity for mobility for Irish artists over the next 12 months. Our six TITLE residency artists have moved into their home on College Rd and have started working on their individual projects with their mentor Thomas Conway. We are hearing the first whispers about how they are getting on and are so proud and excited to be hosting them. Plans for the installation and open view of our Visual Art exhibition under the curation of Aoife Flynn are well under way and we have even seen a proof of the exhibition programme. The exhibition will also take place at our venue in the Elysian and will be open to the public between productions and in the morning and afternoon. We couldn't be doing any of this without your support, its really great to have you on board, we are now just over a week until our campaign on fundit draws to a close. You are our heroes, and your superpower is your generosity! We would really appreciate it if you could tell your friends and family about us, if you could get just one more person to donate it would make such a difference. We need to raise €3790 in the next 7 days or else we don't receive any of the money you have so generously donated.

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away...

This update is brought to you live from departures at Cork airport, there has been a lot of coming and goings this week for the Solstice team. Thanks to a Voyage Award from the Cork City Council Arts Office we have been up early this week catching buses, trains and planes. Last weekend Ruairi travelled to Queeristan, a Queer Arts Festival in Amsterdam and Eszter and Shirley headed to Norwich & Norfolk Festival for a professional symposium on emerging arts practice. This morning Dawn and Ruairi are off to Norwich to catch BETA festival which Solstice are building a partnership for 2013 with. we are researching, asking the difficult questions and starting to put a shape on our symposium. tThis year the symposium will take its lead from the TITLE residency and examine arts practice under the theme of "tough love", we will have talks, workshops and some pretty radical national and international guest. The symposium is a chance for artist and audience to come together and assess what the future will look like and we can't wait! We are over the 1k mark and want to thank you for your support, we have a long way to go yet and we really need your help making our target. If you know anyone who like you might be interested in supporting solstice please tell them about our campaign. It might not seem like a lot but sharing a link to our campaign on your facebook or twitter (if you're so inclined) gets the word out!

all the LOVELY people where do they all come from

Hello Hello! so much news since we last spoke, and all from over the weekend. Eszter and Ruairi spent Saturday at the Theatre Development Centre working with American Choreographer and hero Liz Lerman, learning all about Critical Response Process, which is a feedback process for artists to use to develop their work. Eszter and Ruairi are going to facilitate a session with the TITLE resident artists as soon as they arrive in Cork to help them respond to each other and develop a critical engagement around each other's process. Dawn was in Dublin, meeting with artists and planning with our contingent in the Capital. She was lucky enough to catch one of the last performances of Alice in Funderland at the Abbey and Half a Person which will play at Solstice this year. Last night we proofed and signed off on the final draft of the 2012 brochure, it is jam packed with Solstice artists and looks amazing. We are sending it off to the printers so it should be with you VERY SOON. Today Lucie Ryan Donnelly our Production Manager extraordinaire is in Cork and making a site visit at the Elysian as we speak. She is already calling it her new gaff, and she is busy drawing up technical schedules for our artists and planning with Dee Dwyer and the team how the venue will look, work and feel. I've seen the sketches and let me tell you, it's going to be EPIC in proportions! Shirley has left us for Germany, she is in Aachen to receive our award as the national winners of the European Charlemagne Youth Prize. We will miss her in the office this week but we are sure she will do a great job representing Ireland at the European Commission. Solstice 2011 Visual Artists Maurice Caplice and Alan Nagle have sent us prints of their original artworks in the post, (we love getting parcels in the post) and we are going to be auctioning them at our Solstice Mayflower Ball on Wednesday night at 8pm in The Pavilion. Preparations are well under way for the ball with Makeshift Ensemble, we are dusting off tuxedos and ball gowns! We cannot thank you guys enough for pledging to our campaign, we appreciate your support so much. Please spread the word about us and share the link with your family and friends. We are really reliant on your voice. If we can raise €1000 by Thursday morning we will be on target, and well on our way to raising our total of €5500. It's about community, you give us hope! x Solstice

Day 1 - It's a beautiful Day!

We are drawing near on 24hrs live on Fund It and we are really blown away by the amazing response so far. We are 7% funded and really excited to be working with you all again this year to make Solstice an incredible event for us all to enjoy. In the office today we are piecing together the finishing touches to our brochure with our designer Oisin Dineen. It's looking great and hopefully we will have it ready for The Solstice Mayflower Ball, which is happening next Wednesday night at 8pm at The Pavilion. We had our first meeting with our event designer, Deirdre Dwyer yesterday afternoon and plans for our Pop Up venue at Unit 1, The Elysian are looking incredible, our motto is "think big or go home!". We are delighted to announce that Solstice are the National Winners of the European Charlemagne Youth Prize and Shirley Somers will travel to Aachen, Germany next week to meet other delegates and members of the European Commission. In other news some post came from the Cork City Council Arts Office this morning and we are delighted that we have been awarded a Voyage Award. This award means that we will travel to Norwich & Norfolk festival to take part in their professional symposium which will examine emerging arts practice and policy. We are going to be checking out BETA, while we are in Norwich, a new platform for emerging artists in the UK. http://betafestival.tumblr.com/ We can't wait to meet Luke Emery, curator and creative producer of the project and see some great work from leading UK emerging artists, such as Guardian.co.uk heralded and Solstice 2011 artist Dan Canham. We hope to build ties with BETA and who knows what is possible in the future! So we are off to a great start, and thank you so much for your support. We can feel the love, please talk about our campaign, tell your friends about Solstice and be sure to keep an eye on these updates and our website http://www.solsticecork.com for exciting news and production information on all our wonderful shows! It's a beautiful day, all the more beautiful because of you! x Solstice

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