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Sonic Arts Waterford – SAW Fest 2013

By SAW Fest 2013


Hi there and welcome to our Fund it application. Our names are Magdalena Lipinska and Mick Shanahan and together are co-founders and directors of Sonic Arts Waterford.

 Let us tell you what we are about. SAW Fest is about bringing an international festival of experimental music and arts to Ireland. Will all the music be experimental? Mostly yes. We’ll also have a large focus on ambient and some late night music that you might even dance to (if you can nail down the beat).

 But, there’s more to SAW than just music. We’ll have all kinds of experimental electronic arts such as film, installation and commissioned electronic visuals appearing on the outsides of venue buildings. We will be holding seminars and workshops during the day and even a children’s event or two.

 Sounds good so far? Read on, it gets better!

 We recently sent out invites to some artists we’d encountered over the years at festivals around Europe and received a wonderful response. We also joined a cultural exchange with the really cool folks at the Kolonia Artystow in Gdansk, Poland who provided us with two of Poland’s top experimental musicians. The whole cultural exchange part is really important for us because it means that Irish artists may be able to travel to other countries and perform once we become established. Beyond that, we put out a call for artists around Europe to submit a proposal. The response was really good and we now have our entire line-up sorted.

 As far as supports go, we are being given some substantial help from Waterford City Council, both through grant aid and assistance with venues, etc. Our two main city galleries and theatre are enthusiastically on board (many thanks Garter Lane and Soma Contemporary Gallery) and we’ve even received some offers of services from the local business community. There are also good people who have already arranged holidays so they can fly over and attend our festival from other parts of Europe.

 It goes to show how eight months of hard work can start to pay off. Our core team of Natalie Cashin, Keith Currams & Conrado Velasco as well as ourselves are treating this as if it were the most important event in the history of the universe.

 So why have we started a Fund it campaign? Well, we’ve worked hard to raise much of our required budget but would like to continue towards making SAW Fest even more special. We recognise that there will be serious expenses associated with artist travel costs, marketing, equipment, accommodation etc. that will hit us before we recoup anything.

 We’re confident of success, but your support would be brilliant in making that a certainty. Please consider one of the funding options and click through. You have our sincere gratitude for reading this far and please come along to SAW Fest and say hello and we’ll catch some great music together.

 Kindest regards,