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Soul Noir:Festival of the Dark Arts

By Soul Noir


Established in 2017, we are an emerging festival founded in Dublin Ireland. We offer audiences a rare and unique insight into the underground of Gothic culture which is so overlooked in the mainstream art scene. Our aim is to promote these artists whose work can have a uniting platform for the rebels and dream makers pushing back against the norm.
We are free and open to all members of the public and have the highest standards of artists from Ireland and around the world. Our festival provides all kinds of art from sound art to dance, free world class performances and visually impaired friendly tours.

This is a massive dream for us. We take art very seriously as a way of life and have exceptionally high standards in what we want to achieve. This includes showcasing the best Ireland has to offer from veteran Irish artist Susan MacWilliam to emerging English artist Laura Spark. A year of planning and intense organisation has gone into Soul Noir and we plan to see this through and make a wonderful experience open and free for everyone to enjoy.

We have no other source of funding and all the money that has been put into the festival so far has come from the festival directors own pockets. We need your support in making this massive festival a reality in showcasing 43 Irish and International artists. 

We need support for...

750 Euro on the cost of 3 day space rental

400 Euro on insurance

300 Euro on professional photographer

350 Euro on coloured printed catalogues

300 Euro on plinth materials, display cases, presentation cases for artists works

350 Euro for catalogue designer

200 Euro to aid transport for long distance travelling artists

100 Euro on wine offered free at the opening night

250 Euro on other printing services such as postcards, posters, and artist statements

We will work together as a team to overcome any challenge as we have done so in our past year of working together, planning this massive undertaking. We have the belief in each other to make this work.

Thank you for your throwing your eye over our proposal! We appreciate it so much. We can't make this blissful nightmare a reality without your help so please support us if you can and pop in to see us at Halloween. Be part of something different, support artists who are as unique as you are and come along to the festival and experience the gothic underground with us. Get yourself a treat (no tricks we promise) and pledge to the festival to receive unique and one of a kind gifts.