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Target: €3000


€3,000 Raised


22 Funders

Soul Noir:Festival of the Dark Arts 2018

By Soul Noir


This is our second year to bring the highest standards of Gothic culture to Dublin this Halloween, free and open to the public. We provide tactile tours, live performances, world class artists and lectures from artists who examine Gothic, dark and macabre themes in their work. This years festival will be held in an old chocolate factory in Dublin city centre from Halloween to the 1st of November. We feel it is very important to create a space of high standards, respect and public engagement.


Your funding support will help us with...
Space rental: €2000
Poster commission: €300
Catalogue design: €380
Catalogue printing: €320

External to this we have the expenses of...

Photographer: €300

Import and postage of international artists work: €150

Wine for opening reception: €100

Poster printing: €150

Frames: €100

There is many more expenses as you can imagine but this is the rickety bones of the festival.

As a team we work with Gothic black thread running through our singular practices and uniting us as one. We are dedicated, serious and everything is handled with exceptional care. The team pulled off a successful first year and we are confident we can do it again this year with YOUR support. It is very important for us to showcase Gothic culture in Ireland and give it the platform it deserves.

We will overcome all challenges as a team as we did in our inaugural year. Soul Noir has complete confidence in making this another successful year for underground art, we just need your help getting there.

We have no other source of funding and all expenses from the festival have to come from the Soul Noir team's own income. We feel it is important to support working class artists in such a venture to create an open, supportive environment. We can not continue this festival moving forward without support.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Gothic culture in Ireland. We are most appreciative, thank our funder's personally and send them collectable, unique gifts in exchange for their kindness in supporting a unique festival in Ireland. Pledge to Soul Noir to receive our special 2nd year edition rewards.

Website: soulnoirfestival.com