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Soul Noir:Festival of the Dark Arts 2019

By Soul Noir


This will be our third edition of the festival. Soul Noir was built to support true alternative and Gothic artists in Ireland and give them the platform they deserve. This is a unique festival designed to lift the veil of Gothic culture to Irish audiences and experience the highest standard artists in unique and historic locations. This year will be a 2 day festival in a 1740 manor in Maynooth. Our programme ranges from dark techno artist Core Minimal to legendary moving image artist Vivienne Dick. We showcase all artists with respect and our open call is open to everyone regardless of social class, education history, gender or race. We seek only to bring together all walks of life to celebrate the glory that is Goth.

Your funding support will help us with...
Poster commission: €300
Catalogue design: €380
Catalogue printing: €320
Photographer: €440
Import and postage of international artists work: €150
Wine for opening reception: €100
Generator hire: €250
Coach hire: €500
Insurance: €350
Speaker/mixer hire: €150
Large text printing/signage: €60

Our team is made up of artists and industry professionals which now includes a successful financial manager and law graduate. We have pulled the rabbit out of the hat for two years and now it's time for our third hat trick. We run a tight ship and are DEADLY serious about what we do. Every aspect is cared for, which we handle as gently as a red satin Victorian shirt. We are confident we can run this festival again and to a high standard with YOUR support.

We have faced and overcome each obstacle as a team. What we need is financial support to help us cover the costs of such an intricately designed festival. The financial burden weighs as much as a pair of Demonia boots.

We have no other source of funding and all expenses from the festival have to come from the Soul Noir team's own income. We feel it is important to support working class artists in such a venture to create an open, supportive environment. We cannot continue this festival moving forward without support.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Soul Noir. With YOUR support we can make this festival run... maybe even fly. You will receive beautiful gifts designed by Shota Kotake of our special 3rd year edition design in exchange for funding and support underground arts in Ireland.

Thank you.

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Soul Noir:Festival of the Dark Arts 2019 update

Dear funders, thank you so much for supporting us in Autumn's past! We really appreciate your kindness my love. We are currently 31% funded for our 2021 festival and have only 5 days to go. If you can share our 2021 Fund it with a message of support as to why you think people should fund us or pledge we would be very grateful. Thank you and we welcome you all to our Festival which will be in Dublin Castle from October 31st - November 1st.

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