108% Funded


Target: €1200


€1,300 Raised


30 Funders


By Alfonso Films


Our short film follows our protagonist Claire Hurst as she searches for her missing son. The story begins when we drop in on her life, at a crucial stage of her search. The film explores the intense feelings and form of grief people experience when a loved one is missing. It is almost as if time freezes as soon as they are absent from your life.

Emma and Claire met at a filmmakers mixer in Dublin and realised that they had been to the Gaeltacht together Fadó fadó Éirinn! Emma pitched the script and Claire came on board as director. They were then joined by the wonderful Jo, leading to the birth of Alfonso Films!

Together, we have a wealth of experience in almost every role behind the scenes of film and TV. As a trio we have combined skills in production, casting, directing, editing and running. Claire graduated with a masters in Film from Edinburgh University and is an in demand editor, Jo has worked as an AD/production assistant for TV and Film as well as acting in popular film & TV shows in London. Emma has over 5 years experience in casting in both London and Dublin and is a commissioned radio drama writer.

So far, we have raised over half of our intended budget from hosting table quizzes in Dublin. Wahoo! We are now crowd funding to raise the remainder. Reaching our target will enable us to shoot this project before the summer. We will then enter into post production, and have the finished film ready by summertime- ready to submit to film festivals around the world.

The money raised through Fund it will be enough as we're doubling up on roles for this production. Claire will direct and edit, Emma will script supervise and production co -ordinate and Jo will produce and Assistant Direct on shoot days. We plan to bring film students on board to act as runners during filming, to help us with the heavy workload and provide them with valuable insight and experience of the actions involved on live shoots.

Thank you for reading about our project,we're deeply grateful to everyone who has supported us so far. We are overwhelmed by the kindness from those around us and appreciate every cent donated. We can't wait to share SPENT with you all!