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By Timmy Creed


'I am a GAA man. As team players, our individuality is silent. We conform to the ideas, beliefs and motivations of the team. We suppress our emotions to strengthen our exterior. We must challenge the idea of ourselves. Who am I? What is important to me? What is within me?'

My name is Timmy and this is my story. ‘Spliced’ is a brand new multi-disciplinary performance that looks at the world of the GAA and the pressures surrounding it from my perspective, having been part of the GAA all my life. This is a one man show where the actor, the visual artist and the sound artist performs live, revealing the both the private and public life of the player. This piece wants to celebrate the sport and what it has done for me but also look at the darker side to this lifelong commitment and the core structures at the centre of the GAA. Hurling and the GAA were the cornerstone on which I built my life and the play will explore the effect this has on the individual.

This is a new collaboration between four experienced artists: Timmy Creed is an actor writer and producer from Cork City He works on both the stage and screen. This is his debut into writing for the stage. Chris Somers is a multi - instrumentalist composer and producer He utilises both electronic and acoustic instruments to weave dark cinematic soundscapes and song for live performance short film and the stage. David Mathúna is a contemporary artist making use of structured generative processes. Davids practice draws together video photography sound illustration collated data live improvisation and installation into a visceral collage - based aesthetic. Gina Moxley is a writer director and performer. Her theatre plays include; The Crumb Trail, Map of M, Tea Seat and Danti - Dan. As a director she has worked on Finding Sympathy, Solpadeine is My Boyfriend, The Wheelchair on My Face and more

This is a challenging production and will explore this world in new and unique ways. As part of the storytelling we will be using newly composed soundscapes and developed audio/visual projections to interact with the live performance happening on stage. We want to be able to support all the artists to help realise this vision and be able to provide all the technical requirements needed.

The budget is broken down between our venue and technical requirements and artists costs. We want to be able to support the sound and visual artists as they create the newly composed pieces for the play as well as be able to book all relevant technical needs.

We have a strong and experienced team behind the project but like all ambitious projects we need to make sure all the artists involved are supported at all times. We also have a robust PR plan to make sure that word about the play goes out across all platforms and invites GAA players into a theatre space to be part of this conversation.

The show will premier at an Arts Festival this September in Dublin. We have received some production support however we currently need to fundraise for the rest of the budget. With your support we hope to do this and make this vision a reality! Thank you so much!