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By Eoghan McQuinn



Sean is a young labourer newly appointed to tend the grounds of Falgirth, a stately manor in 19th century Ireland. He works diligently in the garden, sending his wages home to his ailing mother in Cobh. He is also entwined in a secret romance with Thomas Crowely, the Master of the House - a pianist rehearsing for his debut performance.

As the concert draws nearer, Thomas senses his lover’s passion waning, and enacts a desperate scheme to extricate Sean from his former life, plunging them both into a moral chasm from which neither will emerge innocent or unscathed.

This is a provocative film that aims to delve into psychology of two men from very different worlds who must navigate the waters of an intense infatuation, all the while struggling to come to terms with what's expected of them in their respective roles in society. What results is a possessive power-play that involves both of their families, and a betrayal that can never be forgiven.


Eoghan McQuinn

I've been making films since an early age, wearing out many a family camcorder along the way. At 16 my film 'The Cycle' won 1st prize at the Fresh Film Festival and the same film won The Golden Clip award at the Berlin Jugendmedien Festival 2007. This experience encouraged me to pursue my degree at IADT National Film School.

In 2010 I wrote and directed my first crewed short 'The Chance of Striking Gold' - which was screened the following year as part of the Galway Film Fleadh, Fastnet Film Festival and was also nominated at SMEDIA 2011.

In my final year of film school I specialised in documentary. My most recent film 'Homegrown Knowledge' was featured on RTE's 'Morning Edition'

Husni Hafid

I'm also a graduate of IADT National Film School where I specialised in production, having just produced the dramatic short Williton’s Way for my graduate project this year. I hope to produce thought-provoking work that defies the norm.


We've been developing this project for a long time and have already invested a significant portion of our own money into making it a reality. But with your help, we hope to push it further. Our budget for the 8 day shoot:

-Costume Rental/Props - 500
-Location Rental - 700
-Equipment Rental (sound, camera, lenses, rigs, lights) - 1000
-Transport for cast/crew and equipment - 200
-Catering - 600
-Insurance - 800
-A Horse and Carriage! - 200

Attention to detail is so important for a film like this, in order to truly immerse the audience into the time period. Also important are the means to present this world in the richest detail and scope. We have gathered some talented individuals to bring this story to the screen and will be enlisting some more as the late summer shoot date draws nearer - any contribution will help to make it worth their time, and in turn - you, the audience!

Thanks for your time

Husni & Eoghan