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rewards for funding this project:

€10 +

You get a special thank you on our website + email updates with photo attachments about the film’s progress.

€25 +

PETER COONAN will send you a voice recorded message to your email in the character of Rudyard the Villain + you will also receive a signed still A4 exclusive picture of the film + your name will appear under the “Thank You” section of the film's final credits + a special thanks on our website + email updates with photo attachments about the film’s progress.

€50 +

An autographed Stalker DVD (just before the film is ready for DVD release) + actor Peter Coonan will email you a voice message in the character of the evil Uncle Rudyard + a signed still A4 picture of the film + your name will appear under the “Thank You” section of the films final credits + a special thanks on our website + email updates with photo attachments about the films progress.

€100 +

Become an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER on our film! Your name will appear alphabetically during the end title crawl under the heading "Associate Producers” AND you and a friend are also invited to a PRIVATE SCREENING with cast and crew somewhere in the Dublin region in mid 2012! Enjoy the night, watch the show and celebrate! Transportation not included. You also get everything else previously listed above.

€250 +

CO- PRODUCER on our film! Also, feel free to come to our WRAP party where you get to know everyone over a drink or two! You also get everything previously listed above.

€500 +

YOU’RE IN THE BUSINESS! Come spend the day on set with cast and crew watching the film making process amongst professionals. Have a chat with the cast and crew while our set photographer documents the experience. You also get everything previously listed above.

€1000 +

You have now become an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER and you get to ACT in the film! You get a walk on role in the film (transportation not provided). Come spend the day working on the set and get pics taken by our on set photographer, who will make sure to document your experience. A great gift! You also get everything previously listed above.

€2000 +

KNOCK, KNOCK! Mark O' Connor, TJ O Grady – Peyton and the main cast will come to your hometown and do a private screening of our film just for you and your guests! (Ireland only) You also get everything previously listed above.

a project by:
TJ O Grady Peyton


STALKER is Irish director Mark O’ Connor’s third feature length film. The film strives to be original, dark and something that will travel the world and interest audiences everywhere. We decided to seek private investment and donations to make this film. It can take up to two years to finance a film through funding bodies such as the Irish Film Board. With STALKER we wanted to make something raw, interesting and low budget. We have a team of young Irish filmmakers and actors with a great deal of experience and passion.


Your money will help us succeed. Mark shot his first feature Between the Canals inside 12 days 3 years ago. Once wrapped, we will do post production over the course of 6 weeks with a view to submitting our film into film festivals all over the world. We will start with the Galway Film Fleadh next July. Our intention is then to try and distribute the film in cinemas and DVD's across the country and throughout the world.


Quiet homeless man Oliver Nolan wanders the streets of Dublin and starts a friendship with a young disaffected teenager named Tommy. Tommy’s mother is an addict who owes money to Tommy’s Uncle Rudyard, an upper class drug dealer. When Oliver learns that Tommy is dealing drugs for Rudyard he begins to stalk Rudyard and his gang of criminals. Through flashbacks to Oliver’s childhood we learn how he became homeless and mentally ill. As Tommy’s mother’s drug habit increases Oliver finds himself having to rescue Tommy from his situation while also facing up to his past demons.


Mark O'Connor's debut feature film funded by the Irish film Board which he wrote and directed was Between the Canals starring Peter Coonan and Irish singer Damien Dempsey. Between the Canals was highly acclaimed with Film Ireland calling it ‘The best Irish film in a long long time’. It received four stars from Entertainment.ie. Mark’s second feature film King of the Travellers was also funded by the Irish Film Board, TV3 and BAI. It is a revenge tragedy set in the travelling community starring a full cast of real Irish travellers and will be out in cinemas in late 2012.

Peter Coonan was cast in the lead part of Dots in his first feature film Between the Canals by Mark O’ Connor. In February 2011 Peter was cast in the critically acclaimed RTE drama LOVE/HATE, where he plays tough man Fran. He has just finished shooting King of the Travellers, his second film with Mark O’ Connor.

TJ O’ Grady - Peyton graduated with a Masters in Film-making from the London Film School. He was an Associate Producer on King of the Travellers. His previous credits include: The Tudors, Stella Days, Camelot and Wallace and Gromit's: World of Inventions for the BBC.

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