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By Irishtown Brewing


Despite the best efforts of giant beer companies, we have successfully launched a deadly craft beer across Ireland, but we have a small problem, our glasses keep getting stolen from bars. This has turned into a nightmare for us but we are convinced we need branded glasses to fight the big boys and we need your help to order more.

The real people behind this brand are Joey Shore and Flor Prendergast and having spent many years working in the drinks game we sat on a bar stool and wondered why couldn't we find a craft beer that we could drink more than one. So we set about to finding a great brewer and challenged him to create our perfect beer. One year and many refinements later we brewed a small batch of 4.4% ABV Dublin Blonde lager which we trialed to great success in a couple of Dublin Pubs. We now contract brew in Dublin and will build a brewery once you buy enough of our pints.

Irishtown Brewing is growing by the day and we can promise you one thing we will always make craft beer that you can drink.

We have literally put our house (don't tell the wife) and everything else on this project and its working as we are now pouring in 200 bars in Ireland and have just launched in retail but because bars are ploughing through our glassware we need your help to continue our growth.

If you're so sound as to invest your hard earned dosh, the money raised will be spent on ordering branded glassware which will then be sent to bars free in order to promote our beer brand, we do not charge bars for our glassware.

 We are the most stolen glass in Ireland but thats the journey a desirable pint glass goes on so as we grow our distribution we need more glassware but this is an ongoing cost to us. If you fund this project it will enable us to double our footprint and grow distribution to reach economies of scale which makes the glassware more affordable for us.

Look lads, thanks for reading about us and our project to grow our great locally brewed beer in Ireland. We appreciate your support no matter how big or small even if its just simply ordering a sneaky pint of Dublin Blonde in your local bar. Cheers Joey & Flor...



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