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Storage is the debut feature by writer / director team James Browne and Rupert MacCarthy-Morrogh. Who co produced last years Cork Film Festival hit 'Treekeeper'.

James is better known as one of Ireland's most talented young actors, while Rupert is recognised as one of the industries most prolific cinematographers. The feature film is being produced by Fergus Long of Cork's newest film and television production company, General Cinematic. Awarding winning, Director of Photography, Ian D Murphy, will shoot the film on the state-of-the-art Red One MX camera, courtesy of AV3 Productions. Fergus and Ian have worked together since they meet in college in 2001and have completed over 200 commercial productions and were the camera team on Pilgrim Hill, the critically acclaimed debut feature of Kerry born Gerard Barret.

The project aims to showcase the skills of the professional film makers of Cork. It is envisioned to be shot in 20 days and nights in and around Cork City and County and reveals some of its amazing architecture and landscapes.

The funding raised by your pledges on Fund it will used to pay for the day to day running costs of pre-production and production such as insurance, fuel, food, set construction etc.

Cork film industry companies supporting the production: Michael Lynch's AV3 Productions, General Cinematic Film and TV, SLR.ie, Studio5108. We also have the backing of the Offices of Cork City Council Arts Office. The film is also being supported by the new Cork Screen Commissioner, Mr. Niall Mahony.

Your support is crucial to making this film a success. Thanks for taking the time to read.

James, Rupert, Ian & Fergus.



58% FUNDED !!!

Hi to everyone that has supported us so far and to those of you that maybe hovering over the "fundit" key on your keyboard... Firstly we have to say a massive Thank You once again to all the people that have pledged their hard earned money so far !!! Over € 7000 in just 16 days !!! That is an incredible response, and even though when we launched the fundit campaign we new we were looking for a lot of money in a short space of time... when people actually pledge the money it makes us feel very humble indeed. The whole team will be making an extra effort for the 4 days that remain to get that total over the target line, we feel we have come so close it would be a shame to lose it. Over the last week we were hard at work promoting Storage at the 57th Corona Cork Film Festival and between us we spoke to many delegates, film makers and press.. we are pretty sure that everyone that was there new about Storage... This is crunch time so if you are thinking of pledging let us assure you that we will deliver, you won't regret it... In the meantime enjoy this link to a UCC98.3FM radio interview with Storage Producer, Fergus Long & Director, Rupert MacCarthy-Morrogh during which we talk in dept about the project. http://soundcloud.com/user2441241/storage-movie-interview-on-1

33% ! Funded & New Video Update.

We would again like to thank our loyal supporters and invite everyone to watch our new video update in which James Browne talks more about the story of "Storage" and the progress of the campaign so far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIRSUq4zzho&feature=g-crec-u Please feel free to like, share and distribute freely... Our facebook page has 264 likes ! If another 200 people pledged €20 each we would be home and dry... We can do this people !!

Here Is a Brief Synopsis of "Storage"

Storage follows John, an everyman character, as he attempts to keep his issues locked behind the doors of his mind. Suffering through a downward spiral, caused by both his own actions and events beyond his control. John tries his best to get through his nightly work routine as a watchman, while continually tormented by both his inner critic and his paranoid view of society. Finally he reaches a point when he can no longer ignore his own thoughts and is compelled to confront and relive some of his life experiences. This triggers him to keep looking, going deeper and deeper into his memories and fears, until finally, he must come face to face with his inner self and reconcile a lifetime of decisions, their impacts on his life and on those around him.

20% Of Target Reached !

The Storage team are just amazed by the generosity of the people who have both pledged and supported us so far. We can only say we are truly inspired with the faith people have in us. Thank You All ! Stay tuned in here & on http://www.facebook.com/storagefeaturefilm/info Rupert, Ian, James and Fergus.

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