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'Story Bud?' - The Feature Film

By Jenny Keogh


My name is Jenny Keogh and I’m a photographer & filmmaker from Dublin, Ireland. I’ve made a number of short films about Dublin characters and the city, including one about the Poolbeg Chimneys called ‘Landmark’.

I recently made a short film called ‘Story, Bud?’, which celebrates Dublin sayings & slang. The film has been a huge success throughout Ireland and the wider world. It received over 30,000 views in its first 24 hours on YouTube. Then it reached No.1 in the Film & Animation charts on YouTube. As a result I was interviewed on the Pat Kenny show on RTE, the Hector radio show on RTE 2FM and Highland Radio, Donegal. The film was also shown on TV3’s Midday Show. It’s been featured on dozens of news & feature websites, and shared widely across all forms of social media. It recently had its big-screen debut in front of an audience of 20,000 people in Trafalgar Square for the St. Patrick’s Day Festival.
‘Story Bud?’ is due to be shown in other festivals throughout the world.

Including two additional Dublin based ones, I intend to film up to 30 similar 2-minute pieces for other cities, counties and regions in Ireland, documenting the slang, sayings & colloquialisms of each place. Then, make those into a feature length compilation film.

So far, I have worked solo keeping the costs as low as possible. To bring this project to completion, apply the highest standard of filming and post production, I will require funding - going towards equipment hire, filming, post-production, marketing, distribution, travel/accommodation plus some practical assistance with both filming and editing.

The research process has begun for various counties with a view to filming throughout the summer and completing the feature film by the end of 2013.

Check out my rewards for funding this project, and know that if you fund it, you’ll have helped make a film which will preserve the Irish-English language for generations to come, while connecting people worldwide to Ireland, in a unique and fun way. Help your county tell its own 'Story Bud'!

A general breakdown of the costs & schedule below.

1. Approx 40 days shooting over a 3 month period including:

*The filming of all participants from each county/region (up to 600 people). All filmed in the same style as the original ‘Story Bud?’.
Finding an array of characters, from all walks of life and age groups - filming their unique and characterful ways of expressing themselves through their local slang.

*General film coverage of each area, including scenery, landmarks, everyday life. These will act as a short introduction to each piece.

*Interviews with experts in slang & colloquialisms, including Professor Terence Dolan, author of ‘A Dictionary of Hiberno-English’. His in-depth knowledge will be educational in an historical context providing information on where Irish-English slang came from, and why it was created.

2. Hiring of filming equipment.
Travel/petrol/accommodation expenses (where necessary)

3. Eight weeks post-production (editing, colour correction, music recording, sound mastering, subtitles).

4. Marketing, distribution of the completed film.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read through my project and I hope you enjoy the rewards!