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Strength N.I.A - debut album

By Rory Moore


We have spent the last 3 months recording our debut album, we are asking fans, friends and supporters of our music to help finance the manufacture and duplication of our album onto Vinyl and CD. This campaign will work as a pre-order system - so we know that the majority of the albums will end up in good hands. Because we are an independent, self-supporting band creating left of centre music, we feel that this is the best and most cost effective way to bring out our debut album. We have a DIY approach to recording, touring and sustaining our art, we want to maintain and build upon a sustainable platform for the continuation of our work. Your contribution is massively appreciated.

Strength N.I.A was founded in 2010 by Rory Moore. The emphasis from the start was about creating unorthodox and diverse pop music. Rory began recording at home on a 4 track cassette machine and a VHS player. He soon began collaborating with other like minded individuals, who were interested in creating unconventional and interesting music. Strength N.I.A have always maintained a restrictive approach when writing songs, they use only bass guitar, organ and drum machine.

Since the beginning the band have had a number of members and collaborators all of which have added to the rich tapestry of songs and live performances. They have been touring and making new friends and contacts throughout Ireland and the UK where their fan base has been steadily growing.

Strength N.I.A are currently a three piece consisting of Rory Moore, Benjamin Fleming and Eoghan Donegan.

The costs to create an album of twelve songs include recording, studio hire, mixing, mastering, design and manufacture. Some of these costs we have been able to finance ourselves, however we are crowdfunding to help with the completion of the project, namely the manufacture cost of the Vinyl and CD's.

Here is where your money will be spent:

Vinyl and CD manufacture and duplication- £1470

Due to the nature of our left-field music, it can be difficult to exist in the commercial musical climate of today. We are hoping to expand and reach people that appreciate all things independent. We believe our album is a strong body of work and we are looking forward to putting it out there.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to check out our Fund it campaign. We really appreciate your continued support. We feel deeply passionate about our music and compelled to keep creating and developing. We appreciate any contribution that you can make. Thank you x