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Student Short Films

By Sorcha Browning


Hi Everyone,

We are students from St. John's College Cork. This year we all pitched film ideas and have voted and chosen 6 short films to be made! 

Brief outlines:

  • A Toymaker trying to make the perfect doll in search for inspiration meets a ballerina who he develops a relationship with.
  • When a young street artist is involved in an accident which causes him to lose his sight, his brother teaches him to paint blind. 
  • School's out on a Thursday in the 1970's, and what are three boys to do but to journey into a psychedelic realm? 
  • Three girls face an uphill battle to hide their cousin's body at a family gathering. 
  • Luna is blinded by the toxic love coming from her boyfriend and the manipulation that comes with him. 
  • An imaginative girl pursues a magical headpiece despite her father, that she believes will connect her to the sea and her lost mother. 

Our year aims to have 6 shorts that have high production values, so that we can enter them into films festivals around Ireland and internationally. We already have the equipment and brilliant crews who are passionate about their work, but we need your help with the rest! Check out our Facebook page for updates and peaks at our previous work: https://www.facebook.com/stjohns2ndyearfilm/

Each student will be working on 2-3 short films between February and March. We have been assigned roles that we are suited to and get to work on the projects we are most interested in! As a year group, we have loads of experience working together, and this year we are determined to bring all our energy together to create 6 amazing shorts. 

We aim to hold various casting nights to seek out great performers and we already have scheduled days to seek out locations. These are probably to two main risks facing our Film projects, but overcoming these hurdles is something we have learned to do since starting this course!

Crowdfunding will help us achieve an ideal vision for our films. To make a short film with high production values it is necessary to have a budget to cover certain areas. A brief breakdown of our costs look something like this:

Production Design (inc props, etc.) - 600 EUR

Locations and Transport - 420 EUR

Catering - 330 EUR 

Fundit 8% Charge - 120 EUR 

Fulfilling Rewards - 30 EUR

This will all be split evenly between the 6 shorts! We have also arranged several fundraising events in our area to support our goal and the hidden costs, such as; bake sales, pub quizzes and gaming tournaments. We want to reach out to as many people as we can to achieve the vision we have. 

All of us from Level 6 Film Production would like to thank you for taking the time to read about our project. We are very dedicated here at St.John's and without your funding it would not be possible to go ahead with our productions.

Some on set shots!